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May 3, 2009 03:59 PM

Forest Hills Takeout

I'm running out of Forest Hills takeout options. We work long hours so tend to order take out a lot. We've exhausted Ripe! Anyone try any new take-out or have recommendations besides Ripe, sushitime, thai austin, and the Peruvian chicken place on 75th?
What are your tried and true take out choices?


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  1. Dee's pizza on Metropolitan...great pizza and also lots of other pastas, salads, etc

    1. Whats the Peruvian chicken place on 75th?

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        It's called Pollo Inka, IIRC. Chickens are pretty good for the neighborhood. It's a Pio Pio look alike.

        Forest Hills delivery is pretty poor by NYC standards. Lots of places are held hostage by Takeout Connection, who its a totally mismanged ripoff. Many of the other places can't manage takeout, so that it takes an incredibly long time to get your food delivered. I've basically given up on delivery in this neighborhood except in extremely dire situations, and stick to takeout from places I can walk to.

        For me, that means Baluchi's (who is better than most of the other Baluchi's in NYC), East Ocean (they have cheap rice dinner that are pretty tasty), Latin Cabana Express (a little salty, but very filling), and I'll occasionally mix it up with some other local joints.

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          I'll second the Latin Cabana rec. I've never had their takeout as I always sit in one of their 6 seats, but they don't have the Takeout Connection problem. They have their own delivery guys. Good, cheap and filling, but I agree it's occasionally over-salted.

        1. Tierra Sana, on QB near 67th Ave. delivers.

          1. we used to do take-out from QThai. Sometimes walk in & order & have a glass of wine at the little bar while waiting, or othertimes just call ahead & swing by for the goods. Not sure if they deliver, it's been quite a few years since my husband lived in FH & we used to do this

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              I agree that forest hills delivery is awful. I hate takeout connection.

              I love wafas but as far as I know, they don't deliver. Has that changed? I think wafas is my new fav local place.
              Not a big fan of Baluchis at all (but I'm indian, so not a fan of that type of indian food).

              Never tried tiera sana- I think I read bad reviews around chowhound, but we'll give it a shot! Thanks.

              Polla inka is on 75th and their chicken is pretty good. Ask for the spicy sauce if you order
              the delivery. Just a warning though- delivery is REALLY slow- give them about an hour
              to deliver your food!