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May 3, 2009 03:41 PM

Cheap burritos around Towson

Stopped by Frisco Burrito on Chesapeake in Towson last week, only to discover it closed. So now I'm looking for a new favorite hole-in-the-wall, cheap, burrito place that I can take my family to. Strong preference for an independent store (I know all about the Chipotle invasion.)


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  1. That's a shame they closed. I've yet to find one of these chain burrito joints I've liked... and I've been to them all.

    Don Panchito's Mexican and Salvadoran Grill in Cockeysville has excellent burritos. Actually, everything there is good. Love the tamales and pupusas. It is very reasonably priced too. I'm a fan.

    1. Also, closer to Towson - Pollo Amigo at 714 York Rd just north of the circle has Mexican in addition to its fantastic Peruvian chicken and more extensive Peruvian menu. I haven't had burritos there but am pretty sure they are on the menu. The tacos and enchiladas off the Mexican menu are pretty good, though pale in comparison to the very flavorful rotisserie chicken.

      Not quite Frisco Burrito, but it's definitely close to Towson and independently run.

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        A second for Pollo Amigo-- maybe the best food in Towson (and cheap)