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Sugar snap peas

I got a big bag of sugar snap peas at the farmers' market this morning. Other than a simple stir-fry, what ideas do you have for enjoying these fresh snap peas? TIA.

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  1. A quick blanching with salted water and shocked with ice water. Then some sesame oil, soy sauce and it makes a great part of a crisp salad.

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      Though blanching may be a very basic technique, I'm not sure about exactly how to do it. Can you be more specific, please? Do you bring water to a boil, add salt, drop in snap peas, and then immediately remove them from the boiling water, and then put them in ice water?

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        Well, I like to add a little oil and salt to the water when I start to water to boil. The salt flavors the vegetables while a little hold the color (in this case green). When the water comes to a roaring boil add the vegetables. Here is the hard part. How long do I leave the vegetable in the water, too long or not enough time then you do not get a good end result. That is trial and error. Not more than a minute at the most.

        Also depending on how much vegetables you are blanching you may have to do it in batches.

    2. The ones that make it inside get a quick blanch, a bit of butter, salt, pepper, and then they are inhaled. I love them! Oh, and you may have to "string" them.

      1. Try a toss with olive oil, garlic, salt and a little thyme or rosemary. Spread on a sheet pan and roast @ 400 for 5-10 minutes turning them once till there's some attractive brown spots.

        1. Raw and dipped in hummus, killer-good!

          1. I blanched them and tossed with an orange-ginger glaze. They were delicious.

            1. One of our very favorites Chinese sausage and snap the 2 of us can eat the whole order that call for a pound of snaps!



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                That sounds like something that will end up on my frequent flyers list. Could anybody comment on how to evaluate the quality of the sausage? there seems to be such a range. Also, how long can you keep them in the fridge? They look like they'd last quite some time before opening, but mine seem to get some kind of small grit on the surface if I open the package and store in the fridge awhile.

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                  I get the sausage frozen. They are pinkish in color and breakfast link size (a bit longer though). Best to slice when par-frozen and will need to add some veg oil when frying.


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                    Hmm... My asian market sells a huge assortment in these vacuum-packed packages, un- refrigerated. They look just like the ones I see air drying in the markets in SF's Chinatown. I wonder if there is a difference in the preserving for these three presentations.

                    Here's something (OT)

                    Including the market I was thinking of!



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                      Yours gotta be better,Selection not even close here in Pittsburgh. The key is the sweetness....


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                        I see. I also found this on another chowhound thread.


                        "I personally like chinese sausage from the company Wing WIng .. it's what I grew up on. You can find the brand at any chinese supermarket. I don't like some brands that have a sweet taste to it, but that's just me. I look for a nice red color with not much fat marbling, but if you do like the fat, then look for more marbling. My father owns (and still does) a chinese/canadian restaurant and he still uses Wing Wing brand."

              2. A pasta dish I like to make is:
                Sugar snap peas, asparagus, chopped garlic, sliced shallot, red pepper flakes, Kosher salt, freshly ground Tellycherry black pepper in EVOO. Basically an aglio oilo with veggies. The peas were de-stung but left whole, the asparagus were sliced in about 1/2" segments. Sprinkle with chopped frsh Italian parsley and lots of Peccorino Romano.

                1. I just had a big batch from my garden (he said proudly) yesterday. I sauteed some chopped up oyster mushrooms in butter until they were starting to get a little browned, then added the snap peas and about a half-cup of white wine. Added a bit more butter, salt and pepper, and stirred them around until the wine was reduced about half - about 3 or 4 minutes. They were delicious. I think it would be fine if you substituted some other kind of mushrooms, if you don't have oysters.

                  1. Hope you ate them! They are best with a few hours of picking. Okay, maybe days.

                    1. I love them with pasta as others have mentioned, but I most often eat them them with a dip- love them with a bagna cuda, hummus, tzatziki or really any dressing. I actually bring them to work and munch on them when I get the munchies.