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What to get on Scarpetta anniversary menu?

Scarpetta has a great deal this coming week -- four course prix fixe plus wine pairings for $50/person. Here's the menu they are offering, and I would love to hear suggestions of what we should get for each course. Thanks in advance!

Primi Piatti
frisee, radicchio, trucioletto vinaigrette
basil & spring vegetables
farro & vegetable risotto
fricassee of truffled mushrooms

tomato & basil
filled with mixed meat, fonduta & truffle
spring vegetables, guanciale, truffle zabaglione

roasted fennel, concentrated tomatoes
fingerling potatoes, pancetta & rapini
pickled ramps, potatoes, braised oxtail
white asparagus, fingerling potatoes, riesling-mustard emulsion

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  1. We're going to this tonight so will report back but based on reviews I've read my husband and I are planning on ordering the following
    1) Short Ribs and Polenta
    2) Agnolotti and Tagliatelle (however, had heard that the spaghetti is their signature dish)
    3) Capretto and Turbot
    I've never been so would love to hear people's thoughts!

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          Ahh... well i'm getting in on Thursday morning and according to opentable they're booked thurs and friday night. Oh well...

      1. Did anyone try the Anniversary menu last night ? We have reservations for tonight and wanted to know what you tried and how you liked it ? Was wine included in the prix fixe ?

        Looking forward to report !

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          My husband and I also went last night and thought it was very good. The bread basket was delicious. I enjoyed the food but I'm not sure whether it would warrant another visit from me.

          We had the following -
          First Course:
          -short ribs (I'd order this over the polenta)

          Second Course:
          -Agnolototti (this was delicious and the wine pairing went really well with this dish)

          Third Course:

          -I can't remember the name but it was a panna cotta with coconut gelato (I think). I was hoping for something chocolate-y but this was pretty good.

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            I went to the scarpetta in miami recently but I much preferred the polenta over the short ribs (nothing wrong with the shortribs) however, putting the creamy polenta on their stromboli bread takes it to a whole new level of delishousness.

        2. I went last night (Monday) and had:

          - Creamy polenta
          - Tagliatelle
          - Black Cod
          - Banana budino with pecan gelato

          Everything was outstanding and the portions are very generous. The dessert in particular was usual size. I was almost bursting by the time we left but I didn't leave much behind on my plates!

          The wine parings were also excellent - btw if anyone can get me a list of what they were would be very appreciative - some are direct sourced by Scarpetta but I understand others are available at Astor wines.

          The wines - three glasses proper glasses (not tasting size) are included in the $50 price for the meal.

          Amazing value.

          1. What a rare treat: the anniversary dinner at Scarpetta gave guests what might amount to $150 in food and wine for $50, without any sense that they were being treated any differently than if they dined there on the full-priced menu. We enjoyed the anniversary prix-fixe menu on Thursday evening and were delighted by the food, the wine and the service. Chef Conant and his staff are to be congratulated for the gift they gave their guests this week. I'm sold: I'll be back and gladly pay full price for Conant's wonderful food.

            1. deb and i went tonight (thursday). we arrived around 5 p.m. and grabbed the the two seats at the north-end of the bar. vodka gimlet for me, prosecco for deb. we drank for 30 minutes or so before asking for a menu.

              we like scarpetta so we jumped all over the anniversary offerings: braised short rib for me and polenta with truffled mushrooms for deb. we cut our dishes in half, exchanged ingredients and saw 1 + 1 = 3.

              the agnolotti dal plin is too dear to share. we didn't. we both ordered it.

              cod for deb, capretto for me. there was nothing left over.

              dessert was tasty. espresso even more so. service at the bar was outstanding.

              i like scarpetta. the chips at the bar alone are worth the price of admission. we'll be back.

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              1. re: steve h.

                I am so sad to say that we found the meal and experience underwhelming. First of all, the service was definitely off. We got each of our wine pairings long before the next course arrived, as there was a 20 minute delay between when our previous course was cleared and the next arrived while we were waiting waiting with the wine for the next course. Also, at the beginning of the evening, the waiter made a big production of telling us they were out of cod, but they had sea scallops as a substitution, and in fact the scallops were much better than the cod. When that course arrived, voila, my husband had cod! Confused, we called the waiter over who said they had a last minute delivery of black cod (really?). The cod was astounding, but there was a lot of needless confusion.

                Now, onto the food. I started with the polenta and my husband got the braised short ribs. The polenta was very rich and creamy and paired nicely with the firm mushrooms. Delicious, but not amazing. My husband didn't care for the short ribs; he did say the beef was nicely cooked, but the dish had the effect of a stew. For the second course, he got the spaghetti, which again was nice, but not amazing. I got the agnolotti, which was almost inedibly salty. For the third course, the magical cod arrived, and that was the dish of the evening. It was tender with a light crust and perfectly moist. I got the capretto, which was just as salty as the agnolotti and I couldn't finish it.
                We ended with a flourless chocolate cake (excellent) and orange sorbet on olive oil cake. The sorbet was very tart and the olive oil cake was nearly tasteless, so it just ended up being a weird combination.

                I was so bummed! It was our first anniversary dinner also. For us, the consellation was that the meal was a comparative bargain, but we are definitely not running (or walking) back.

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                  i hate it when a i place i like fails to deliver. maybe walk up to the bar sometime down the road, order a drink and nibble on the housemade chips before heading out to another dining spot.