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May 3, 2009 02:42 PM

sunday brunch buffet- prince george hotel

I notice that a lot of people are on this site debating which is best: gio, fiasco, or dumaurizio. They seem to have completely missed one obvious fact. The same hotel which has gio in it also has a sunday buffet that is out of this world. It's hard to beat especially if you are in one of those moods where you cravea a bunch of things but you aren't sure what. Costs about 28 $ and worth every penny, even just for the dessert table alone. On any given weekend they could have anything from very expertly made homemade donuts(impossible to find in hali) to very fancy upscale complexx, tortes, comfort food puddings etc.Highly recommed it. very good for celebrating a special occasion. BY the way I live in Hali so I've been just about everywhere.

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  1. Krisie: I know that folks who know Halifax well will know what you are talking about, but for those who come here to check out the restos when on a trip , can you give some more information? Where is this place?

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      The Prince George Hotel, on Market St. in Downtown Halifax, is where Gio is located. I've never tried their brunch, but usually go for something not so over the top for my Sunday morning/afternoon fare.

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        Dear LJS, the sunday buffet I am referring to is in the Prince george hotel, the same one which houses the gio restaurant everyone keeps raving about. It is on market st., just below citadel hill, one of our bigger tourist attractions.