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May 3, 2009 02:28 PM

El Yucateco Hot sauce: Differences between red and green

Anyone know what the differences are between the red and green versions of El Yucateco Habanero hot sauce as far as taste and heat? I've tried the green one and it's good but I wanted something slightly less "vinegary" tasting (yes I know el yucateco doesn't use vinegar) and not as hot. Does the red version fit the bill?

Also, is there a brand of hot sauce that tastes similar to the hot sauce you get at the taco shops? You know, the red-orange sauce they give in those little round plastic containers? I love the taste of that sauce.

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  1. I'm sure that the main difference is that the 'red' sauce just uses a more mature habanero. Interesting that I only see orange (ripe) ones in Latino markets here.

    Any decent taqueria will make their own sauce since it is cheaper, tastier and darn simple. Bottled/canned sauce containing tomato or tomatillo will always taste dull compared to the homemade made variety. I like La Costena Ranchera sauce but that's not like your target.

    The red-orange color probably indicates the presence of dried guajillo and/or de arbol chile, but that's speculation. The acid ingredient is likely fresh or canned Uncooked tomatos (not tomato sauce or puree), also a guess.

    Consider making your own!

    1. Are you thinking something along the lines of El Tapatio?

      1. I have just the El Yucateco red, because the green has so many scoville units that it may have entertainment value at county fairs, but not for real cooking. My objection is that it shakes out in huge coagulated blobs, multiples of what you want. I'll use it up, then back to reliable Tabasco, a drop at a time. I don't mind the vinegar base.

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          And here I was getting ready to try the red, hoping that it would be hotter than the green.

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            H, you are searching for more than 8500 scoville units? You must have body parts made of Kevlar.

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              I picked up a bottle of the El Yucateco green and thought it was only medium as far as heat goes.
              One of my favorite snacks is hot green peppers with raw garlic dipped in gochujang.

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                sick. sick . sick.....But that's a part of you we love.

                1. re: Veggo

                  But very good.

                  My lunch with the Yucateco green and some sriracha -

                2. re: hannaone

                  Yeah, the green is supposed to be hotter than the red but neither one takes it over the top for me. I do prefer the green though, if only because of its luminescent, otherworldly color. It looks so cool when I drizzle it over over my burrito.

                  Still, for heat I prefer Melinda's XXXX or Red Savina. Just be sure to yank that annoying plastic drop spout out of the bottle so you can pour a decent amount without having to shake it for ten minutes!

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              The green is 9,000 Scoville units. Not even CLOSE to what is considered an extreme hot sauce. The sauce I currently use (in minute amounts, mind you) is 550,000 Scoville units. Blair's Mega Death, it's called. Red habanero and capsaicin extract.

            3. Hmm maybe it's not possible to bottle taco stand sauce, otherwise I'm sure somebody would have done it by now? I thought Valentina hot sauce might have been what I was looking for since it came in such a huge bottle, because I dump loads of taco stand sauce on my burritos, I thought they gave so much for that purpose. But I haven't tried it yet, though people say it's a good sauce.

              I have Tapatio and it's definitely not the same as taco shop hot sauce. It's good but doesn't compare on mexican food.

              I think the red El Yucateco was the one I should have bought. Other reviews say it has a smokier taste which I think is what I want, and you say it's not as hot, which is certainly what I want. The green is a little too hot for me. Also, the weird alien green color kinda turns me off. I agree about the consistency of the sauce. The green version also pours out in blobs. They need to work on that. It should be a lot smoother. Thanks for the info!

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                Check out Crazy Ed's Chili Beer Hot Sauce....One of my absolute faves..

              2. El Yucateco certainly does use vinegar. "Acetic acid" is right there on the ingredients list.