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May 3, 2009 01:49 PM

Good fresh squeezed lemonade in TO? Freshly brewed Iced Tea?

What restaurants are serving freshly squeezed lemonade or freshly brewed iced tea in TO? Does anyone serve unsweetened freshly brewed iced tea these days?

Thanks for any suggestions!

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  1. I know that both Balzacs and Mercury Coffee do really nice fresh lemonade. Sadly I don't think either of them do freshly brewed tea..

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      David's Tea on Queen Street, just east of Spadina had freshly brewed iced tea a few weekends ago.

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        Yes, you can choose from any of their loose leaf teas and they can prepare it for you, either hot or cold. However, last time I had one (the Singapore Sting tea, maybe?), even though it looked to be brewed double strength, the tea was still very weak tasting. Maybe it wasn't steeped long enough.

    2. Tealish on Walnut Street (takeout only), Richtree Marche, Crema.

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        Also Stampede Bison Grill in Parkdale and other burger places like W Burger Bar.

        Stampede Bison Grill
        5 Brock Ave, Toronto, ON M6K2K6, CA

      2. Most of the Chinese malls will have fresh brewed iced tea, brewed hk style. It will be sweetened w/ syrup.

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          Starbucks has freshly brewed iced tea, both black and a fruit flavour, with or without added lemonade - imho one of the few relative bargains at that generally overpriced establishment !

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            While the Ice Tea at Starbucks is not bad and not as overpriced as most of their drinks, it is not fresh. It is brewed in large containers at double-strength well in advance and its around at room temperature. When a customer orders it, they mix this with equal parts water add the ice and shake it. It's cold and refreshing, but clearly lacks the crisp taste that comes from being freshly brewed. Furthermore, I cannot understand having ice tea on the menu - or hot tea, for that matter - and not having lemon available. Starbucks does have Ice Tea Lemonade, but that's a completely different drink.

            At some Second Cup stores, I've bought a regular tea with lemon and asked for a large glass of ice and made my own. Much better than what they serve at Starbucks. However, since Second Cups are franchises, not all franchise owners will do this.

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              And back to the original topic - iced tea in restaurants - I have often found that many restaurants will allow you to order tea with lemon and bring you a big glass of ice to make your own. Some will say no, we have iced tea, the pre-made ones, but when I say I drink it unsweetened, many to agree to my request.

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                Thanks for the idea OTFOODIE. I hadn't thought of doing that. Which moderate to upscale restaurants have led you make your own Iced Tea?

                1. re: phoenikia

                  It such a simple request, I would expect any moderate to upscale restaurant would be willing to do it.

        2. I have not been to the Queen West location of Niche, but the defunct Danforth location served excellent iced tea - you chose your own tea and they brewed it then iced it.

          1. i just realized that you were asking about restaurants rather than say cafes... so one option that does spring to mind is stockyards bbq. i mean it's almost a necessity to have on their menu because it is bbq but they're tasty enough on their own.

            rather than lemonade they do a mint infused limeade (nice mint kick and tartness with light sweetness in perfect balance.. some pulp for good measure!) and a light gingery iced tea (again with very light sweetness, this is definitely not sweet tea) though i think the next time i'm in i might suggest a stronger tea flavour/astringency as i think it could get overpowered by the smoked meat. both great!

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              Thanks for the suggestion, pinstripeprincess!