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May 3, 2009 01:31 PM

Buh-bye to La Casa del Pueblo in CF :(

My favorite Mexican restaurant has closed its doors and I'm sooo sad. The owner passed away a month ago and I'm guessing that the family either couldn't or decided not to continue the business without him. Frankly, I'm lost without their tortas de milanesa de pollo and tacos de carne asada.

Can't think of any place that fills this void: yummy, well-priced food and beer served by nice people in the greater RI area. Couldn't even deal with the slowness of the service at Tierras Hispanas on Broad and therefore dodn't make it back a second time. Taqueria Lupita on Dexter turned us off about two years ago, though we may try it again considering th dearth of yummy Mexican food.

Other places are good, but more of a sit down, out-to-dinner type of experience.


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  1. What about Chilangos in Providence?

    And why do you write "CF" instead of Central Falls? My guess is that most people on this board have no idea what that stands for . . .

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      We found Chilangos in Providence disappointing and and icky. The only place we've liked in Providence has been Mexico Garibaldi, though they had raised the prices last time we went, this making it less economical than we'd like for a quick dinner.

      I wrote CF instead of Central Falls because I'm a, actually the post title was getting too long and I forgot to again mention the complete name of the city in which La Casa del Pueblo was located within the post.

    2. I recall hearing that there was a good Mexican take away in Pawtucket as well--was it it Rosa's? I cannot remember. I DO feel you pain losing a favorite restaurant is like losing a good friend, but be thankful you live in an area with a lot of options . . . good luck!

      1. this is TERRIBLE news. this is the only Mexican place around that I liked. They were so nice and they had tacos arabes, to boot.


        1. Gabacha,

          I found Casa del Pueblo thanks to your rave reviews of this place last year. I'm saddened too. I recall the family running this restaurant with fondness, con cariƱo, as they really exuded warmth. Plus the food was truly delicious.

          Any other places you like? Any interest in a RI chow GET-TOGETHER to try to find "yummy well-priced food and beer [licuados/aguas frescas for me, I don't drink] served by nice people in the greater RI area" ???

          The Chow Team may start this as a new post, but I believe it relates to this one. I want to find something that would fill the gap left by La Casa. I can tell by the reviews you write that we are on the same page regarding food, and I have always been searching for the the true yumminess I experienced in Mexico, mainly in Jalapa, served by women wheeling a lunch cart... .mmmmm...

          Any takers? passing thru, Gabacha, bewley?