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May 3, 2009 01:02 PM

hoodsport, wa

We are camping at hamma hamma and will be traveling up the 101. Can anyone recommend a family spot to eat?

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  1. I like Robin Hood in Union. It's not too far from Hoodsport.

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      I second the vote for Robin Hood, a longtime favorite in the area. It's very near Alderbrook Resort, which is a lovely property to walk around but the dining room's not the most reliable. But they should have their outdoor seating area near the docks open and could be fun for a simple burger or sandwich type meal.

    2. You'd have to double check to make sure it's family-friendly, but the Eagle Creek Saloon has great burgers. If nothing's changed since I was last there (been a few years), they come in baby, mama and papa sizes. The papa burger is big enough to feed 3 or 4 people.

      There's a little blurb about it about mid-way down in the right-hand column.

      Eagle Creek Saloon
      31281 N Us Highway 101
      Lilliwaup, WA 98555

      1. Union Bay Cafe (Although it may be under another name now that Gilbert sold it) in Union has really good food. The Owner now was the cook before he bought it off the old owner. Its part sit down restaurant, and part bar. It is across the street from the Union Country Store.