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May 3, 2009 12:36 PM

Anything new in or around Meriden, CT

Going here next saturday night to see Chorale CT perform and was hoping there was something good for dinner in the area perhaps open past 9-9:30 pm. Thanks, Richie

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  1. For my favorite calzone in this area, try Napoli Pizza in Meriden. They close at 10 on Saturday night--just called to confirm. It's not fancy, but it is my calzone of choice AND you can BYOB.

    If you're looking for something above quick and casual, we went to La Tavola in Waterbury a couple of weeks ago and LOVED it (see other reviews on this board). Be sure to make reservations and remember you'll need to drive by the actual restaurant and park further down the street...but we thought it was well worth it and are looking forward to going back.

    Have fun wherever you wind up!

    , CT

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      Thanks! We tried getting into LaTavola on a saturday night at 9:15pm and they would not let us in!

      1. re: javaandjazz

        Just curious--La Tavola wouldn't let you in because it was packed or after hours? I scanned their site and couldn't find the hours, but know for a fact Napoli will be open because I called to ask. It's not fancy, but they recently moved to a shiny, new location and you already know their calzones are my absolute favorite. :) They serve food other than pizza/calzone, but I've never tried it.

        We did really love La Tavola. If they're still serving that late, I would definitely call for a reservation. And I would ask to be seated downstairs in the wine cellar, too.

        1. re: kattyeyes

          The owner said he had reservation for 9:30 coming in but who knows. He was stumbling his words as he said it. I am not going to rush back there anytime soon!

          1. re: kattyeyes

            I also heard of another place in Waterbury over on 69 near Prospect next to the wine/package store. YOu have to park in the back because there isn't much room in the front. Not far from the Valero gas station and there is a cemetery over there also.

            1. re: javaandjazz

              I think you might be referring to Brass City Bistro (it's on 69, but not near Prospect - it's closer to the Brass Mill Center mall and I reviewed it on CH several months back. I thought it was a great place. Food was delicious and I found their regular menu prices to be fair, but their "specials" were very expensive and, imho, there were too many (6-7 entree specials!) It's right off I-84 East. There is parking in the front, but I'm sure on a busy Fri/Sat night they fill up quickly. I went on a weeknight and got a space in the front.