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May 3, 2009 11:44 AM

Best Sushi places in Bucks County?

I am writing a blog and want to include a Top 5 list of Sushi places in Bucks County. So far I have Ooka in Doylestown, Concerto Fusion in Morristown and Fu Li in New Hope. Please provide other suggesions.

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  1. Though neither are in Bucks County, Cho Cho San in Montgomeryville and Ota Ya in Lambertville are both good.

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    1. re: Schpsychman

      Ota ya actually has an outlet in Warminster which would qualify as Bucks County. I prefer Madame Butterfly in Doylestown especially for sushi and shashimi, where they have things such as fresh wasabi, and a nice range of fish available.

      1. re: cwdonald

        I would agree with oota ya, but not with madame butterfly. The food is ok but every time I am there it takes FOREVER for the food to come out and the service is AWFUL!

        1. re: Mandalynn

          I have been going to Madame Butterfly for seven years. When I go there, regardless of whether I sit at table with friends, eat at the sushi bar alone, or get take out, I find the service to be exemplary.

          Waiting for food in my mind is not bad service. It happens in smaller pieces. I would rather have food take a little longer than to come out fast and wrong.

          I find the quality of the sushi, and sashimi at Madame Butterfly to be superior to Oota Ya and Ooka. People rave about the rolls at those places, but for me the measure of a restaurant is the selection, and the quality of the fish. By that comparison, Madame Butterfly wins hands down.

          And for what it is worth, Madame Butterfly has won best sushi in all of Philadelphia, a measure that none of the above mentioned places can boast. And while I admit there is a bid of bias in the Philadelphia Magazine's selections, I can honestly say that Madame Butterfly at that time deserved it.

    2. Sorry, but I don't think Fu Li is that great. I love Mi-Rim in Langhorne (?), it's on Woodbourne Rd across Lincoln Hwy from the Oxford Valley Mall. It's a Korean/sushi place in an extremely unassuming location, but it's delicious!

      1. Oishi in Newtown is our favorite.

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        1. re: ElaineL

          Concerto Fusion's original location, Charming Garden, has exceptional sushi.

          Although Oishi and Mooeda (same menu, on York Rd in Furlong) have excellent korean food, I'm just lukewarm about the sushi. Though the fish is fresh, the rice is typically cold and under-seasoned for my taste. It almost tastes like regular steamed white rice. They do have some of the best bibimbop and there house spicy soup is a go to for sick days.

          Also in newtown, Ota-ya has very good sushi and rolls, especially the spicy tuna rolls with a heap of spicy tartare on top.

          1. re: ElaineL

            Oishi is our favorite in Bucks as well.

          2. Thanks everyone for suggestions, I have a few places to try.

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            1. re: PeterJustason

              I would second the Charming Garden recc, in the Giant/Kohl's shopping center. Exceptional sushi, creative rolls, I think it's a BYOB too.

              1. re: LindaKay

                i can't believe places like charming garden and ota-ya are even being suggested. If you want to blog about california rolls and your average take out sushi....fine. But if you are serious about freshness, quality and taste....nobody does it better than OISHI in newtown. They have some of the most impressive rolls and sauces i've ever tasted. And if you ever get the opportunity to know Sae (the owner and head sushi chef).....boy....this guy seriously knows what he's doing. He gets an idea of what you like and then he'll work his magic. If you're a serious sushi fan and like things beyond the fancy sauces or cooked rolls (although they are delicious)...he served an amazing sashimi/sushi piece...with scallop and uni on a small wedge of lemon....heaven. It just melted in my mouth. And just from tasting that...I knew the quality and freshness of his fish. But don't take it from gotta go and experience it yourself. Just be sure you make a reservation if you're going on a weekend.

                1. re: crazyforsushi

                  Great post Crazy and thanks for reco. Will try Oishi for sure. Thanks