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Pigging out in Jackson Mississippi

I LOVE the Deep South.Living in Austin Texas has it's charms but ultimately I miss the charm of southern living-the genteel atmosphere and delicious country cooking are missing out here in the American West.

I'm travelling soon and will be enjoying a couple nice meals in Jackson and need some guidance.

I'm planning on a big southern breakfast:Homemade biscuits,country ham,grits,sausage gravy and fried eggs are a must.Where do I go in the Jackson area for these delicacies?Bad neighborhood?Not a problem.County road/middle of nowhere outside of town?Not a problem.Just tell me where the best is and I'm there.

My next meal will be[hopefully]something I can only get in Jackson.I'm thinking soul food or Fried Catfish,two of my favorite foods of all time.I have a particular love of old restaurants.Any ancient diners or soulfood havens that've been there since the dawn of time y'all can tell me about?Small homey places that seat a minimum amount of diners will always win out over big restaurants.

I've done some research and these are the names that keep popping up:

Jerry's Catfish House


Bo Don's

Big Apple Inn


Hal and Mal's

The Mayflower






Collins Dream Kitchen

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  1. I am having a hard time coming up with a good country breakfast. Primo's on Lakeland is the only thing coming to mind. Can anyone else help?

    As far as the catfish goes, Cock-of-the Walk is my favorite. The catfish is thin and crispy. The cole slaw is wonderful, as is the cornbread. You can't beat the sweet tea served in a tin cup. It is so cold and so sweet and so refreshing. Jerry's is good. I haven't been to Bo Don's in years.

    Abner's is a regional chain chicken place. Nothing special. Skip it.

    Hal & Mal's, the Mayflower, and Keifers are some of my favorite lunch places. I get po-boys and redbeans & rice at H & M's. The plate lunches or the grilled catfish at the Mayflower are my faves. The salads and gyros are my choices at Keifers.

    Crechales is an old (circa 1950's) restaurant. It is nothing fancy. But the food is delicious and Bob and company will treat you like family. If you are celebrating a b/d, the staff will fire up the juke box and sing "Happy Birthday" to you. Walker's is another great option. I love the redfish Anna. These are two of my all-time favorites in town!

    Stamps is now called Cool Al's (same location, some people -- there was just a little family squabble about the name). The super burger is SUPER, but it is huge!!!!!

    I grew up in the country so I cook my own soul food. Therefore, I have never eaten at the Big Apple, Peaches, or Collins. And, I have not been to Pavoni's yet, either.

    Happy eating!

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    1. re: Sister Sue

      I love, love, love the red snapper at Crechale's. And the catfish and coleslaw at Cock of the Walk. I read recently that Bon Ami in Maywood Mart is now serving breakfast. I haven't been but I imagine that it is good. Walkers never disappoints.

      And Jackson finally got great tacos! I read in the Clarion Ledger last week that that Mexican grocery store at the corner of County Line and Old Canton had opened a taqueria. I went today and scored three chicken tacos that were sublime. They come smothered in fresh tomatoes, avocado, cilantro, lettuce and cheese ($1.85 each). It's called Taqueria La Guadalupe at 6537 Old Canton Road, phone no. (601) 206-7776.

      1. re: JaneWinston

        I went by La Guadalupe after reading this post, and I'll second JW's recommendation. Great tortillas and really fresh fillings. I had a pork and two chicken tacos. Both were excellent. They also have a steak taco, and several sandwiches.

        1. re: pkimble

          Isn't it exciting? I've been yearning for good tacos ever since a trip to Tupelo two months ago (where they have a great taqueria in a gas station window at 1725 North Gloster) and now we have them! I saw someone with a bowl of menudo which looked really good and the bowl was surrounded by smaller bowls full of a variety of fresh garnishes. I was beginning to wonder what percentage of Mexicans a city had to have before it got some good Mexican food and I guess whatever percentage that is Jackson finally got there. Thank you Angela (the manager of La Guadalupe)!

          1. re: JaneWinston

            I will have to put that on my "to try" list. The family will be in Tupelo later this month. We will have to check out the place there, too.

            1. re: JaneWinston

              With homebase in Austin Texas I probably won't be eating a lot of Mexican food while in Mississippi.

              But I am excited to see the good folks of Jackson raising their voices on the board.

              What are the best places to eat in the "old downtown"area?

              1. re: scrumptiouschef

                Sorry I hijacked the thread. I figured you guys in Austin had plenty of good Mexican food but Jackson has been totally devoid of same. Good tacos is a MAJOR step forward.

                Downtown - people rave about the soul food at Peaches on Farish. I like the Greek Salad with crab meat at the Mayflower because the cumback dressing is so good. A lot of people like the Elite. I don't. Steve's in Capital Towers has really good food. He cooks everything from scratch and has a great Senegalese Peanut Soup (a recipe he got from me - I stole it from The Daily Soup in NYC).

                When we want a country breakfast, we go to Cracker Barrel which should show you how sad Jackson is in that area. But Bon Ami has started serving breakfast until 10 a.m. Monday through Friday and they have biscuits and eggs and that sort of thing. I haven't eaten breakfast there yet but I have heard good things. It is at 1220 East Northside Drive in Maywood Mart.

                1. re: scrumptiouschef

                  Taste of the Caribbean. Can't remember exactly where it is, close to or on Capitol St., on a corner. Used to be some other lunch counter place that had been there forever.
                  The goat is great - you can score some marrow(!) and it's so tender. They only make a handful of dishes each day and you pick what you want in your box lunch. Have a small selection of caribbean sodas and beers, I can recommend the pineapple soda. The ribs are nice too, tend to disappear early.
                  There's not much room in there: a handful of stools at the counter and a handful of 2-person bar-height tables. I think it's a mostly a to-go place. I've only been there once, but my husband works downtown and goes about once a week then brings home his leftovers. We've yet to be disappointed.

          2. re: Sister Sue

            Seconding Cock of the Walk. That was my favorite meal on a recent trip to Jackson. Very good atmosphere and view of the lake. Can't top the way they prepare their catfish.

          3. That's quite a list of Jackson restaurants you've got. Personally, I tend avoid to Mayflower because of bad cashier service. If I'm getting takeout for the office and they have the audacity to add their own tip, I'm not going back.

            Word to the wise with Keifers, avoid their falafel like the plague.

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            1. re: cynical cook

              Y'all got it made in Jackson Mississippi.

              I might just have to move there to work my way through all the intense deliciousness.I dug up some more joints[and added contact info on some previously mentioned].

              Who's eaten at these spots?

              How's the chow at Frank's?

              Bully's Soul Food - Jackson
              (3118 Livingston Road - 601 362-0484)

              Crechale’s – Jackson
              (3107 Highway 80 West – 601 355-1840) Open Sunday – Thursday, 4 pm – 10:30 pm; Friday and Saturday, 4 pm – 11:30 pm.

              E & L’s Bar-B-Q - Jackson
              (1111 Bailey Ave., 601 355-5035)

              Elite Cafe - Jackson
              (141 E. Capital Street; 601 352-5606) Since 1911?How can you beat that?

              Frank's Restaurant - Jackson
              (219 N President, 39201 - 601 354-5357) Is this the biscuit source I so desperately need?

              Martin's - Jackson
              (214 S. State Street; 601 354-9712)

              Mayflower Cafe - Jackson
              (123 W Capitol St - 601 355-4122)

              Peaches Restaurant - Jackson
              (327 North Farish Street at Capital Street; 601-354-9267

              Primos Cafe - Jackson
              (New Address: 2323 Lakeland Drive, 39232 - 601 936-3701) Opened in 1948?Who's eaten here?

              Stamp's Superburgers - Jackson
              (601 713-3020)

              Two Sisters’ Kitchen – Jackson
              (707 North Congress – 601 353-1180

              Peggy's - Philadelphia
              (512 Bay Street East, 39353 - 601 656-3478)
              Or would I be better off pigging out in Philadelphia at Peggy's?It sounds like this is where the real hounds get down.

              1. re: scrumptiouschef

                Frank's is no more. Two Sisters has a buffet M-F lunch and probably Sunday too. The fried chicken is really good as are the vegetables (and the poppyseed chicken on Fridays).

                You might add to your list the Cherokee. It has moved across the Interstate from its venerable North State Street location but a lot of people are loyal to it - esp. their roast beef Thursdays.

                1. re: scrumptiouschef

                  Sorry, Frank's is long gone.
                  I'm with Jane Winston --- I like Mayflower better than the Elite.
                  Primo's on Lakeland is not as good as any of the old Primo's. The breakfast is fair.
                  I don't care for Two Sister's. The food is just "o.k." and it is overpriced.
                  Peggy's is not in Jackson.
                  See my previous post regarding Stamp's (aka Cool Al's) and Peaches. Same goes for Bylly's.
                  I have never been to Martin's or E & L. I have never heard anything particularly good about either.
                  I love Crechale's!

                  Let us know where you end up.

                    1. re: scrumptiouschef

                      I have to disagree with the reviewer on Que Sera. I only go there when I want spoiled shrimp which is never.

                1. http://i232.photobucket.com/albums/ee...

                  The Old Country Store


                  Worth the trip from Jackson?

                  18801 Highway 61, Lorman, MS 39096

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                  1. re: scrumptiouschef

                    IMO YES! Some of the best down home Southern Cooking around! Call first before you make the drive for lunch....Don't make big plans for supper....Ya want be hungry!


                  2. What about Two Sister's Restaurant for Soul Food in Jackson. Also what about Kathryn's Steakhouse in Jackson. Thanks.

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                    1. re: Littleman

                      Kathryn's Steakhouse is on Old Canton Rd in Ridgeland, just North of County Line Rd in Jackson. It may be the best kept secret in town. Marvelous steaks, great side dishes. Eat in the bar, which is now non-smoking, and enjoy live entertainment. Good cocktails, which is important, since the wine list could use some additions.

                    2. Anything new to add here or modification to what's already listed? I'll be spending a night in Jackson next month, so will be looking for an exceptionally, homey, Sat. night dinner (no steak - coming from Dallas and got plenty of that here) and a hearty breakfast Sun. morning. My only quibble is no chains please.

                      I'll be coming in on I-20, eastbound and then turning south on 49 to Hattiesburg. So, if there is a don't miss family dinner spot west of Jackson or a great breakfast spot south of Jackson, that's would fit the bill as well as anything within Jackson proper. Thanks!

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                      1. re: CocoaNut

                        Unfortunately the best Jackson, MS restaurants are in N Jackson and Madison which is N of Jackson. It's probably 15 minutes on I 55 N from S Jackson to Madison and a lot of fine restaurants. S Jackson has really gone down the past 25 years or so. If you decide on staying in N Jackson let me know and I will give you some help. Also let me know if you need help in Hattiesburg.

                        In S Jacksonf take Exit 42A or 42B off I 20 and go N on Ellis Ave. to lst street which is Highway 80. Go W to Crechale's for outstanding seafood and steaks. I would get off at Exit 45 or the S State St. Exit and go N to Capitol St. for fine dining at Mayflower for fresh seafood, Keifers for Greek, Elite for southern food or Hal and Mal's. If you don't want to go downtown go to Crechales and you won't regret it. Downtown you have more choices.

                        If you decide to go downtown for dinner you can stay at a fine restored old hotel which is now a HIlton Garden Inn but it was the old King Edward Hotel. The Mayflower, Keifers, Elite and Hal and Mal's are very close by. You could walk to Elite and have breakfast there Sunday morning.

                        If you don't need to stop in Jackson go S of Florence to Jerry's Catfish House which is in the big white round building for outstanding southern food. I would try Crechales myself and then head S on 49 for the night.

                        Crechale's @ 3107 Highway 80 West, Jackson, MS. 601 - 355 - 1840.


                        The Mayflower @ 123 W. Capitol St. 601 - 355 - 4122.
                        Keifer's Restaurant @ 120 North Congress St., Jackson, MS 601 - 353 - 4976.
                        Elite Restaurant @ 141 East Capitol St., Jackson, MS. 601 - 352 - 5606.
                        Hal and Mal's @ 200 Commerce St., Jackson, MS. 601 - 948 - 0888.
                        Jerry's Catfish House @ 3326 Highway 49 S, Florence, MS 601 - 845 - 8860.

                        3107 Highway 80 W, Jackson, MS 39204

                        1. re: Littleman

                          Yeah, I checked mapquest and think that after being in a car all day, Madison may be a little out of the way and we really won't be up for fine-dining, dress-up anyway. But if there are any stand-out, casual places, please let me know. Depending on when we arrive, you never know! Also, I should have said that ultimately, I'm headed to the coast, so will hopefully find my fill of seafood there!

                          I'm a sucker for MS catfish, so I immediately honed in on Jerry's. We have a place (Huck's in Denison) about an hour north of Dallas that serves MS Delta Channel catfish and periodically, I have to make that trek to get my fix. Unfortunately, I don't think there's much in the way of sleeping accommodations around Florence. If you know differently, let me know because I love the catfish idea! (I grew up on the coast and have driven 49 many times! though it's been several years now.)

                          Thanks for the rec for the Hilton! I was just going to google that, but this looks like a beautiful old landmark hotel - those are the best! and the price is right. So given that's likely where we'll be staying, does it open up any other food options in the downtown area - where the locals eat and casual being a must - won't really be looking for a lot of glitz!

                          Also, thanks for the head-up on S. Jackson. That's an important hint. Being a stranger, it's always good to know where the sketchy neighborhoods are. From what you've currently listed, I'm thinking Crechales.

                          And yes, references in Hattiesburg would be appreciated. My (elderly) parents have recently moved to a retirement center there and they enjoy eating out, so I'd love to know of some good restaurants. Any input on Strick's BBQ's v Leatha's BBQ??? Thanks!!!!

                          3107 Highway 80 W, Jackson, MS 39204

                          1. re: CocoaNut

                            Cocoa......I have a favorite cousin in Lewisville. We visit several times a year. Dallas is a fine town. I went to Ole Miss and we have played in the Cotton Bowl the past two years. There's good food there.

                            Walker's Drive In is our favorite restaurant in Jackson. It's N of downtown and just N of the FB stadium on N State St. Nick's is located in that area and it's a favorite of ours also. Folks in MS sometimes dress up at night but Walker's and Nick's are casual places. Long pants and a polo would be fine at either.

                            There's a Cabot Lodge at Millsaps College just S of Walkers on N State St. that's very nice. Also there's a fine B&B with their own dining room in that neighborhood. You could stay there and you would not have to leave the building for dinner.

                            If you decide on Walker's take I 55 N in S Jackson off I 20 to Exit 96 at Fortification and go W to N State. Turn right and go N past the stadium to Walker's. You will pass the Cabot at Millsaps on your left if you want to stay there. There are 5/6 good hotels on I 55 at Exit 96 if you would rather stay near I 55. I would pick the Hampton Inn if I stayed on I 55 just E of the Coliseum.

                            I would go to Walker's and stay at The Cabot Lodge at Millsaps. That's a quiet peaceful area near Millsaps, Belhaven College and University Medical Center. You could be at I 55 going S in just a few minutes.

                            Walker's Drive In @ 3016 North State St., Jackson, MS. 601 - 982 - 2633.

                            Fairview Inn & Sophia's Restaurant @ 734 Fairview Street, Jackson, MS 601 - 948 - 3429.

                            Nick's Restaurant @ 3000 Old Canton Rd., Jackson, Mississippi 601 - 981 - 8017.

                            If you want to stay downtown at the Hilton you could dine at Mayflower, Hal and Mals or Elite. Mayflower is famous for fresh seafood and steaks, Elite is southern and Hal and Mal's is a nice bar with music. The food is good too. If you don't want seafood go to Elite or Hal and Mal's. Hal and Mal's might be fun with the music and cold drinks. Here's a linke on Elite which I prefer for breakfast or lunch but a steak would be fine for dinner and it's very casual.


                            I want to mention again that Crechale's in S Jackson is outstanding and one of our favorites. They specialize in fresh seafood but the steaks are outstanding. I would go to Crechale's if I was staying in S Jackson. I would go to Walker's and stay at Cabot Lodge or Hampton Inn if I were on this trip.

                            Another good joint off I 55 at Exit 100 is Cherokee Drive Inn right of I 55 on the E side which is a fun joint with good bar food and cold drinks.

                            Cherokee Inn @ 1410 Old Square Rd., Jackson, MS. 601 - 362 - 6388. BAR/DINER.

                            I will post some Hattiesburg joints shortly. Let me know where you plan to spend the night.

                            1. re: CocoaNut

                              Cocoa.......Here's a neat place to stop 10 miles N of Hattiesburg and a mile or so S of Seminary on the E side of Highway 49. It's a produce place with good road food.

                              Shady Acres Fruit Stand @ 624 U.S. 49 Seminary, MS 601 - 722 - 4150.

                              In Hattiesburg I like Rose's BBQ. I'm not familiar with Strick's but it could be excellent. I just don't know. Leatha's is probably # 1 restaurant in Hattiesburg but it's not one of my favorites. Purple Parrot and Crescent City Grill are owned by Robert St. John and both serve outstanding seafood and steaks. The PP and CCG are next door and have an outdoor patio. PP is more formal and expensive while CCG is more casual and less expensive. The Mahogany Bar is there also and it's a fun place for the night.

                              Walnut Circle Grill is very nice and romantic as well. 206 Front is downtown and offers gourmet dining for lunch or dinner in a historic old building. Chesterfield's is a fun place for lunch or dinner. Keg and Barrel is a fun bar with good food. They serve your Mississippi catfish too. Sweet Pepper's Delia serves good sandwiches and salads for lunch and dinner.

                              Donanelle's Bar and Grill has outstanding steaks in a great atmosphere a few miles S of Hattiesburg on Highway 49 in an old building. Lot's of fun.

                              Rose's Bar BQ & Catering @ 4697 U.S. 49, Hattiesburg, MS. 601 - 584 - 8691.

                              Purple Parrott Cafe @ 3904 Hardy St., Hattiesburg, MS. 601 - 264 - 0672.

                              Crescent City Grill @ 3810 Hardy St., Hattiesburg, MS. 601 - 264 - 0657.

                              The Mahogany Bar @ 3810 Hardy Street, Hattiesburg, MS 601 - 264 - 0658.

                              Walnut Circle Grill @ 115 Walnut St., Hattiesburg, MS. 601 - 544 - 2202.

                              206 Front @ 206 West Front St., Hattiesburg, MS. 601 - 545 - 5677.

                              Chesterfield's @ 2507 Hardy St., Hattiesburg, MS. 601 - 582 - 2778.

                              Keg and Barrel @ 1315 Hardy Street, Hattiesburg, MS 601 - 582 - 7148.

                              Sweet Pepper's Deli @ 5064 Hardy Street, Hattiesburg, MS 601 - 579 - 8335.

                              Donanelle's Bar and Grill @ 4321 U.S. 49, Hattiesburg, MS 601 - 545 - 3860.

                        2. WOW! and Thanks! that's a great list and I REALLY appreciate the work (phone numbers and web links) you put into it. You're lists make me want to stay another day or two. Wish I had the time to hit more than just a couple of places!

                          The jury's still out on dinner in Jackson, but am pretty sure we'll stay at the Hilton Garden Inn and have b'fast @ the Elite. Depending on how we feel on arrival, that may also be the dinner destination, although I *really* like the menu at Walker's Drive In.

                          Shady Acres is a definite stop. Since we'll be in motels and eating out so much for 5 or 6 days, fresh fruit will be a great detraction. The list in H'burg is awesome. Even though I'll be there at least a full day and 2 nights, not certain how much free time I'll have, but probably will sneak in at least one eat-out meal. The brew pub with catfish sounds pretty good to me, but since we'll be in the vicinity of Hardy and 59, it looks like (from your list) I'll have a great selection.

                          Will post back on my return and let you know where we ended up! Thanks so much for your great input littleman!

                          Shady Acres Cafe
                          624 Highway 49, Seminary, MS 39479

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                          1. re: CocoaNut

                            Cocoa......go to Walker's. You won't regret it. Leave the Hilton and go E on Capitol 5 blocks to N State and go N 3 miles or about 5 minutes to Walker's. This is not a bad drive at all. It's 4 lane and goes through some nice residential areas as well as Millsaps and the University Medical Center. Go past the FB stadium and stay to the left at Old Canton Road. Stay on N State Street and go about 2 blocks to Walker's on the right.

                            Remember when you go back to the Hilton to go one street past Capitol because it's one way going E. Go W on Pearl about 5 blocks to Farish St. and take a right and then the next right on Capitol.

                            Elite is not open on Sunday. Two Sister's serves outstanding southern soul food and they have a Sunday brunch. They probably don't open before 11 AM. It's on N Congress St. Go E one block from the Hilton to NW Street then go N past the State Capitol. Go one street over to N Congress.

                            Why not get some coffee at the HIlton then head S on 49 and stop at Jerry's on the way S and see what you think. They open for Sunday lunch at 11 AM. You can't miss the big round white building on the left side of 49 S. Let me know how your trip went.

                            Two Sisters Cafe @ 707 North Congress St., Jackson, MS. 601 - 353 - 1180.

                            1. re: Littleman

                              Definitely go to Walker's and enjoy Fondren (it's such a nice neighborhood). Walker's has two buildings. Either one can get terribly loud but the food is worth it.

                              If you are in Hattiesburg and feel like having barbecue, I really-really-really recommend Leatha's.

                              1. re: Littleman

                                Thanks for the heads-up on Jackson's Elite being closed on Sun. Maybe Two Sisters for brunch. Looking at other review sites, it gets wonderful press for great home cooking! I *think* I mentioned I'm a MS expat! ;) Lm, You've given really good recs for food types I'm looking for.

                                In doing google searches for 2 sisters/brunch, I came across Julep. Any thoughts??? and OK.... I'm branching north a bit! I may be meeting up with a long-lost friend who's in Canton. If not, I'll probably stay downtown with 2 Sisters.

                                deepfried, thanks for the input on Leatha's but, unfortunately it's not open on Sun either. I run into the same thing here in Dallas, particularly with bbq. The the mom-n-pop places like to have their Sunday's off.... and that's ok by me. It's looking like H'burg will just be a stop for a late lunch/early dinner, then on to G'port. I forgot about college f'ball - love it! ; but hotel reserves are slim to none.

                                1. re: CocoaNut

                                  Cocoa.......Julep's is outstanding and it's located at Highland Village just off I 55 N and maybe 10 minutes from downtown. It opens on Sunday at 10 AM. Go for it. HV is a very nice shopping area also.

                                  There are a few B&B's in Hattiesburg. Check out Ash Leah Manor and Sunny Grove. Also Dunhopen Inn is nice. Southern's game should not fill up the whole town. But they do play Kansas on September 17th if you are there then. It might be a crowd. Keep checking on hotels. You may get one in Collins which is just N of HB or Wiggins which is 30 miles S of HB. Paul Johnson State Park in HB has some nice cabins also. Check them.

                                  Do you need any Gulfport recommendations. Let me know. Good luck.




                                  1. re: Littleman

                                    WOW! I'm going to quit looking, as a simple trip is turning into a maze of great food temptations!!!

                                    Thanks on the G'port offer, but that's home to me..... well, L.B. actually. I look in periodically on the Gulf Coast thread, so I don't doubt, I'll run into much the same dilemma while there as well. So much food.... so little time. One thing I know for certain.... I will have a roast beef po-boy and a Barq's from Pirate's Cove in Pass Christian!

                                    1. re: CocoaNut

                                      A friend of mine in Wiggins, MS says the Best Western there is nice. Nothing else though. Wiggins is 30 miles S of HB. You could have dinner in HB then spend the night in Wiggins.


                                      The best Po Boys are at Fayard's BP. Half Shell Oyster House is new. I doubt you have heard about it. Get the charbroiled oysters and a cold drink. High Cotton Grill is fairly new. It replaces a deli that was destroyed by Katrina but the owner ran another restaurant in Gulfport that went by way of K also. It's got a NO feel and there's another location in D'Iberville.

                                      Fayard's BP @ 6905 Washington Ave, Ocean Springs, MS. 228 - 875 - 1020.

                                      Half Shell Oyster House @ FL 1st, 2500 13th St., Gulfport, MS 228 - 867 - 7001.

                                      High Cotton Grill @ 5 Pass Rd., Gulfport, MS 228 - 867 - 6006.

                                      1. re: Littleman

                                        Actually.... I have eaten at Half Shell when I was there last Aug. I had the oysters florentine. What a great space! Loved the tone. Gulfport needs that badly. The E/W street in front of it was torn up, undergoing renovation when I was there, but it'd be great if the surrounding area would become a fabulous restaurant destination. I'm anxious to see what's transpired!

                                        Half Shell Restaurant
                                        1106 Saint Mary St, Thibodaux, LA 70301

                                        1. re: CocoaNut

                                          Cocoa.........what's your route back to Dallas. If you go W on I 10 to Lafayette, LA and then N on I 49 to Shreveport, LA I have some hidden gems for you on that route. I can offer some advice on I 10 to Lafayette, I 49 to Shreveport and on to Dallas on I 20. It's about 10 hours so you will need to stop a time or two.

                                          Kudzu.......I miss the OTD in Jackson too but I thought Julep's was rather nice. It's hard to mess up a good breakfast but there's always a way.

                                          1. re: Littleman

                                            I posted that route a few weeks ago - had input from both you and deepfried. If you think of anything else, here's the link back to it and thanks!.


                                            1. re: CocoaNut

                                              Thanks Cocoa. I remember replying to that post but I don't remember it being yourself. I will see if I can add anything. Looks like you will have lunch in NOLA and spend the night around Alexandria. I will come back on that shortly. Good luck.

                                    2. re: Littleman

                                      Littleman, you're giving out some great information here. I've always wanted to go to Two Sisters but just have never made it.

                                      I do have to say one thing: I would avoid Julep. Just not very good at all.

                                      Of course, I'm still upset that they're in the space where the Olde Tyme Deli was! Miss that place.