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May 3, 2009 11:37 AM

Pigging out in Jackson Mississippi

I LOVE the Deep South.Living in Austin Texas has it's charms but ultimately I miss the charm of southern living-the genteel atmosphere and delicious country cooking are missing out here in the American West.

I'm travelling soon and will be enjoying a couple nice meals in Jackson and need some guidance.

I'm planning on a big southern breakfast:Homemade biscuits,country ham,grits,sausage gravy and fried eggs are a must.Where do I go in the Jackson area for these delicacies?Bad neighborhood?Not a problem.County road/middle of nowhere outside of town?Not a problem.Just tell me where the best is and I'm there.

My next meal will be[hopefully]something I can only get in Jackson.I'm thinking soul food or Fried Catfish,two of my favorite foods of all time.I have a particular love of old restaurants.Any ancient diners or soulfood havens that've been there since the dawn of time y'all can tell me about?Small homey places that seat a minimum amount of diners will always win out over big restaurants.

I've done some research and these are the names that keep popping up:

Jerry's Catfish House


Bo Don's

Big Apple Inn


Hal and Mal's

The Mayflower






Collins Dream Kitchen

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  1. I am having a hard time coming up with a good country breakfast. Primo's on Lakeland is the only thing coming to mind. Can anyone else help?

    As far as the catfish goes, Cock-of-the Walk is my favorite. The catfish is thin and crispy. The cole slaw is wonderful, as is the cornbread. You can't beat the sweet tea served in a tin cup. It is so cold and so sweet and so refreshing. Jerry's is good. I haven't been to Bo Don's in years.

    Abner's is a regional chain chicken place. Nothing special. Skip it.

    Hal & Mal's, the Mayflower, and Keifers are some of my favorite lunch places. I get po-boys and redbeans & rice at H & M's. The plate lunches or the grilled catfish at the Mayflower are my faves. The salads and gyros are my choices at Keifers.

    Crechales is an old (circa 1950's) restaurant. It is nothing fancy. But the food is delicious and Bob and company will treat you like family. If you are celebrating a b/d, the staff will fire up the juke box and sing "Happy Birthday" to you. Walker's is another great option. I love the redfish Anna. These are two of my all-time favorites in town!

    Stamps is now called Cool Al's (same location, some people -- there was just a little family squabble about the name). The super burger is SUPER, but it is huge!!!!!

    I grew up in the country so I cook my own soul food. Therefore, I have never eaten at the Big Apple, Peaches, or Collins. And, I have not been to Pavoni's yet, either.

    Happy eating!

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    1. re: Sister Sue

      I love, love, love the red snapper at Crechale's. And the catfish and coleslaw at Cock of the Walk. I read recently that Bon Ami in Maywood Mart is now serving breakfast. I haven't been but I imagine that it is good. Walkers never disappoints.

      And Jackson finally got great tacos! I read in the Clarion Ledger last week that that Mexican grocery store at the corner of County Line and Old Canton had opened a taqueria. I went today and scored three chicken tacos that were sublime. They come smothered in fresh tomatoes, avocado, cilantro, lettuce and cheese ($1.85 each). It's called Taqueria La Guadalupe at 6537 Old Canton Road, phone no. (601) 206-7776.

      1. re: JaneWinston

        I went by La Guadalupe after reading this post, and I'll second JW's recommendation. Great tortillas and really fresh fillings. I had a pork and two chicken tacos. Both were excellent. They also have a steak taco, and several sandwiches.

        1. re: pkimble

          Isn't it exciting? I've been yearning for good tacos ever since a trip to Tupelo two months ago (where they have a great taqueria in a gas station window at 1725 North Gloster) and now we have them! I saw someone with a bowl of menudo which looked really good and the bowl was surrounded by smaller bowls full of a variety of fresh garnishes. I was beginning to wonder what percentage of Mexicans a city had to have before it got some good Mexican food and I guess whatever percentage that is Jackson finally got there. Thank you Angela (the manager of La Guadalupe)!

          1. re: JaneWinston

            I will have to put that on my "to try" list. The family will be in Tupelo later this month. We will have to check out the place there, too.

            1. re: JaneWinston

              With homebase in Austin Texas I probably won't be eating a lot of Mexican food while in Mississippi.

              But I am excited to see the good folks of Jackson raising their voices on the board.

              What are the best places to eat in the "old downtown"area?

              1. re: scrumptiouschef

                Sorry I hijacked the thread. I figured you guys in Austin had plenty of good Mexican food but Jackson has been totally devoid of same. Good tacos is a MAJOR step forward.

                Downtown - people rave about the soul food at Peaches on Farish. I like the Greek Salad with crab meat at the Mayflower because the cumback dressing is so good. A lot of people like the Elite. I don't. Steve's in Capital Towers has really good food. He cooks everything from scratch and has a great Senegalese Peanut Soup (a recipe he got from me - I stole it from The Daily Soup in NYC).

                When we want a country breakfast, we go to Cracker Barrel which should show you how sad Jackson is in that area. But Bon Ami has started serving breakfast until 10 a.m. Monday through Friday and they have biscuits and eggs and that sort of thing. I haven't eaten breakfast there yet but I have heard good things. It is at 1220 East Northside Drive in Maywood Mart.

                1. re: scrumptiouschef

                  Taste of the Caribbean. Can't remember exactly where it is, close to or on Capitol St., on a corner. Used to be some other lunch counter place that had been there forever.
                  The goat is great - you can score some marrow(!) and it's so tender. They only make a handful of dishes each day and you pick what you want in your box lunch. Have a small selection of caribbean sodas and beers, I can recommend the pineapple soda. The ribs are nice too, tend to disappear early.
                  There's not much room in there: a handful of stools at the counter and a handful of 2-person bar-height tables. I think it's a mostly a to-go place. I've only been there once, but my husband works downtown and goes about once a week then brings home his leftovers. We've yet to be disappointed.

          2. re: Sister Sue

            Seconding Cock of the Walk. That was my favorite meal on a recent trip to Jackson. Very good atmosphere and view of the lake. Can't top the way they prepare their catfish.

          3. That's quite a list of Jackson restaurants you've got. Personally, I tend avoid to Mayflower because of bad cashier service. If I'm getting takeout for the office and they have the audacity to add their own tip, I'm not going back.

            Word to the wise with Keifers, avoid their falafel like the plague.

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            1. re: cynical cook

              Y'all got it made in Jackson Mississippi.

              I might just have to move there to work my way through all the intense deliciousness.I dug up some more joints[and added contact info on some previously mentioned].

              Who's eaten at these spots?

              How's the chow at Frank's?

              Bully's Soul Food - Jackson
              (3118 Livingston Road - 601 362-0484)

              Crechale’s – Jackson
              (3107 Highway 80 West – 601 355-1840) Open Sunday – Thursday, 4 pm – 10:30 pm; Friday and Saturday, 4 pm – 11:30 pm.

              E & L’s Bar-B-Q - Jackson
              (1111 Bailey Ave., 601 355-5035)

              Elite Cafe - Jackson
              (141 E. Capital Street; 601 352-5606) Since 1911?How can you beat that?

              Frank's Restaurant - Jackson
              (219 N President, 39201 - 601 354-5357) Is this the biscuit source I so desperately need?

              Martin's - Jackson
              (214 S. State Street; 601 354-9712)

              Mayflower Cafe - Jackson
              (123 W Capitol St - 601 355-4122)

              Peaches Restaurant - Jackson
              (327 North Farish Street at Capital Street; 601-354-9267

              Primos Cafe - Jackson
              (New Address: 2323 Lakeland Drive, 39232 - 601 936-3701) Opened in 1948?Who's eaten here?

              Stamp's Superburgers - Jackson
              (601 713-3020)

              Two Sisters’ Kitchen – Jackson
              (707 North Congress – 601 353-1180

              Peggy's - Philadelphia
              (512 Bay Street East, 39353 - 601 656-3478)
              Or would I be better off pigging out in Philadelphia at Peggy's?It sounds like this is where the real hounds get down.

              1. re: scrumptiouschef

                Frank's is no more. Two Sisters has a buffet M-F lunch and probably Sunday too. The fried chicken is really good as are the vegetables (and the poppyseed chicken on Fridays).

                You might add to your list the Cherokee. It has moved across the Interstate from its venerable North State Street location but a lot of people are loyal to it - esp. their roast beef Thursdays.

                1. re: scrumptiouschef

                  Sorry, Frank's is long gone.
                  I'm with Jane Winston --- I like Mayflower better than the Elite.
                  Primo's on Lakeland is not as good as any of the old Primo's. The breakfast is fair.
                  I don't care for Two Sister's. The food is just "o.k." and it is overpriced.
                  Peggy's is not in Jackson.
                  See my previous post regarding Stamp's (aka Cool Al's) and Peaches. Same goes for Bylly's.
                  I have never been to Martin's or E & L. I have never heard anything particularly good about either.
                  I love Crechale's!

                  Let us know where you end up.

                    1. re: scrumptiouschef

                      I have to disagree with the reviewer on Que Sera. I only go there when I want spoiled shrimp which is never.


                  The Old Country Store


                  Worth the trip from Jackson?

                  18801 Highway 61, Lorman, MS 39096

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                  1. re: scrumptiouschef

                    IMO YES! Some of the best down home Southern Cooking around! Call first before you make the drive for lunch....Don't make big plans for supper....Ya want be hungry!


                  2. What about Two Sister's Restaurant for Soul Food in Jackson. Also what about Kathryn's Steakhouse in Jackson. Thanks.

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                    1. re: Littleman

                      Kathryn's Steakhouse is on Old Canton Rd in Ridgeland, just North of County Line Rd in Jackson. It may be the best kept secret in town. Marvelous steaks, great side dishes. Eat in the bar, which is now non-smoking, and enjoy live entertainment. Good cocktails, which is important, since the wine list could use some additions.