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May 3, 2009 11:36 AM

Please tell me about some good meat markets in town!

I love Central Market, but I can't help but think that it's pretty overpriced as far as the meat department goes, especially cheaper cuts of meat that are en vogue at the moment.

Am I wrong in thinking that you shouldn't pay 30 bucks for a couple of veal shanks? Short ribs, et al?

Any advice on good butcher shops around town would be much appreciated. Thanks!

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  1. whole foods downtown is a great one and they trim the cuts of meat too.

    1. I will eagerly await replies about good butcher shops (haven't found one I like in 4 years here) but meanwhile, I have started buying all meats from the downtown farmers market. You can't request a cut on spot, as at a butcher but the meats are great and if you ask a week ahead, many of the farmers will bring a special cut the following week.

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        The meat market in Fiesta Mart and Longhorn Meats on MLK are the two best in town.

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          I'll second Fiesta, especially for those "cheaper" cuts of meat.

      2. Lee's Meat Market behind Anderson's Coffee Roasters off Kirby Lane. (aka Cooper's Meat Market). Longtime Austin butcher. Has takeout meals too.

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          1. re: popvulture

            MT has a good meat (and seafood) market, especially if you are looking for more "adventurous" cuts of meat. I'm not sure why someone would need duck heads, but they have packs of three.

        1. Rudeboy,I'll drive to Austin for good meat, as I used to come often to the Meat Shop before they closed. What and Where is MT? I'm going to come over next week and check out Fiesta and Longhorn. Can you tell me where they're located? Is the Fiesta that one just off I-35?. I'll hope for an answer.

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            Amazinc - Fiesta is off of I35 and 38th street. MT (My Thanh) is just south of braker on Lamar. It's an Asian market with all kinds of interesting things.....

            I'm not sure about Longhrn Meat. I've never been there!