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May 3, 2009 11:32 AM

Indian City Grill -- from some of the old Connaught Place crew

My wife and I -- former Fairfax City residents and longtime patrons of the late, lamented Connaught Place -- visited the new Indian City Grill last Saturday. Like Rangoli in South Riding (also opened by "alumni" of Connaught Place), Indian City Grill is excellent and evocative of our long-ago favorite. My wife had the butter chicken; I had the vegetarian thali. Both were superb. With wine, we were out for under $50 with tip. Service was the usual superb effort that we came to expect from CP. We need more places like this, and we want ICG to survive and thrive, so 'Hounds, get out to an otherwise nondescript strip mall on Main Street in Fairfax City (just west of where China Star is). You'll be glad you did.

Indian City Grill Bar & Restaurant
9984 Main St, Fairfax, VA

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