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Where to eat rabbit?

Hadn't eaten rabbit for a year, and then I had an outstanding dish at Incanto last week that has left me craving more rabbity goodness (and different kinds of preparation). The Incanto dish is lightly roasted rather than stewed--the meat is incredibly succulent and fine-grained, served with a light wine sauce, little carrots, and spring flowers: a delightfully delicate dish. Where else could I eat roasted rabbit, rabbit sauce, pie etc in SF?

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    1. I haven't had it in a while, but I like the roast rabbit at Il Pollaio.

      Il Pollaio
      555 Columbus Ave, San Francisco, CA 94133

      1. There are rabbit dishes on the regular menus at Aziza, B44, and Esperpento.

        1. I had rabbit twice last week; once at Aziza and another time at SPQR.

          5800 Geary Blvd., San Francisco, CA 94121

          1911 Fillmore Street, San Francisco, CA 94115

            1. One entree, but rabbit three ways at The Farmhouse Inn in Sonoma County.

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                This is my husband's favorite, and I've tasted it. It is extraordinary. It's their signature dish.

              2. some of my guests went to Bottega last night and said they had a wonderful rabbit dish.

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                  I second the rabbit pasta at Bottega! It's probably the best preparation of rabbit that I've ever had (definitely better than many french restaurants I've been to).

                2. Is Ryan Farr cooking anywhere these days or is he just doing chicharrones? Because a couple of months ago he posted one of the most amazing and graphic, illustrated rabbit recipes I think I've ever seen:

                  I believe this falls rather solidly into your "different kinds of preparation" category ....

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                    Per tablehopper Farr and Taylor Boetticher of Fatted Calf are roasting another pig (at least the third in the past ten days) tonight at Bloodhound. "6pm-9pm, $25 per person. Bartender Dylan O’Brien will be crafting another homemade bacon-infused Bulleit bourbon, served Old Fashioned-style (while supplies last). Space is limited, RSVP to info [at] bloodhoundsf.com."

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                      At the last Ryan Farr/Taylor Boetticher event at Bloodhound a few weeks back for Easter, Ryan did herb marinated and grilled rabbit legs, with rabbit sausage made from the less grill-friendly bits. It was delicious. Taylor's smoked ham was also delicious. Given the high individual price for the chicharones, I think I ate half the entry cost in chicharones from the bottomless bowls scattered around the bar.

                      All that said, the recent events appear to be more pig-driven, with the butchery demonstration. Keep your eye on Ryan's blog for future events with rabbit, because he does seem to love the little critters.

                    2. I'll second ll Pollaio (great bang for the buck) and mention that ZY Garden has a spicy rabbit dish on their menu.

                      1. I ate a delicious rabbit confit at Oliveto last week.

                        1. Lulu near Moscone Center is currently offering open hearth roasted rabbit every Tuesday.

                          1. If you're up for a splurge, I really enjoyed La Folie" "trio of rabbit": loin, rack and braised leg. Whichever prep cook is in charge of "frenching" the rack should get a medal. And a band-aid.

                                1. Tomales Bay Foods in Point Reyes Station has an excellent rabbit pate.

                                  1. Just had rabbit at the always-amazing Delfina last night.


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                                      The rabbit at Corso looked great. (I saw it at another table)