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May 3, 2009 11:23 AM

Chuck's Wings - Princeton

I've yet to try these, but have heard they are some of the best. Recently, however, I heard the original owners have sold and it's under new ownership, and they aren't the same. Still worth the drive or no?

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  1. Chuck's on Rte 33 across from the ACME in Hamilton still has great wings. Crispy and w/ homemade blue ch. dressing. They used to have buy one order, get one free on Mondays...not sure if that still holds.

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      The Hamilton store is still running the special you mentioned but not on Holidays....

    2. In a word, YES. Despite new owners, the wings at Chuck's Spring Street Cafe in Princeton, one block north of Nassau St, just off Witherspoon, continue to be prepared in a hot, well coated, spicy, vinegary sauce that is worth the ride from anywhere in Central Jersey.

      A great fan of Buffalo Wings, massive quantities of Chuck's wings have been a take out fixture for Superbowl Parties going back almost 20 years now and while changed somewhat, they still set the bar pretty high.

      By way of comparison, we just tried a new franchise that specializes in wings located in nearby Somerville, "Cluck U Chicken" which has shops from Rutgers to Maryland. My wife summed up the situation after one bite. Chuck's are still worth the drive.

      The wings at Cluck U are breaded and then cooked and sauced and the addition of all that pastey, gluey bread crumbs does nothing to enhance the experience of the wings; instead the breading dilutes any chicken flavor to the point it has disappeared. Next the breading never becomes anything crisp or crunchy, one of the only reasons to consider breading chicken before frying it, instead the result is a glumpy gluey mess coated with a sauce that does not encourage any finger licking.

      A trip earlier this week through Princeton at lunchtime proved the shop continues to attract students and residents alike and the wings remain the prime time feature.

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        Thanks for the heads-up on Cluck U. I was going to try the one in Trenton. Breading a buffalo wing is blasphemy. Chucks is still my fave...crispy heaven!