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May 3, 2009 11:06 AM

C5 Restaurant in the ROM

So I was a Birthday Boy at the C5 on Saturday and didn't have access to the final bill but I know for five people with gratuity we dropped around $600 dollars.
For this we had a prime round table right in the point of the wonderful space,where view of the CN tower and the sunset are afforded.
Don't pull on the blinds if the sun gets in your eyes-they are power assist.
Expect a full-service manner i.e.-water,wine,bread all replinished mostly without asking.
Napkins are placed on your lap and attended to if you leave the table.
Pleasant servers,I found the crew unobtrusive.
Expensive wine list.$200 was spent on three bottles of wine,including two glasses of $12 tawny port to go with the cheese platters.
There was a option to go with the seven course $95 per person chefs tasting,with the stipulation that everyone at the table had to order it.So,not for us this time.
Menu was different that what is currently shown on the website.
What we ordered:
C1-two large mixed Charcuterie Platters
C2-Four people had:
1XRabbit parpadelle,pasta
2Xprosciutto,salad greens
1XPorkBelly,Beluga Lentils,Calamari
C3-Main Course:
1X-Cumbrae 60 day aged Beef Tenderloin with duck foie gras(Me!)
C4-After Dinner:
2X-Assorted Cheese Platters with Thin Crostini
[Abandon restaurant and head back to our rooms at the Marriot where we celebrated with homemade birthday cake,champagne and presents!]

Guests indicated they would return for another type of venue i.e.-lunch or tea.
For myself,it really was a night of good memories,celebrating an event with family.We do not often have the opportunity to get out togetther as a group.
Parting with such a large sum would lead me to obviously try other restaurants.
Hopefully an equivalent experience presented in a different way.
Here are some pictures:

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  1. It seems actually quite a reasonable amount of money for what you got. The wine doesn't seem overpriced at $60 per bottle. And the food for 5 people seems to work out to about $55 per head.

    Booze 200
    Food 274

    Subtotal 474
    Liquor Tax 20 10%
    GST 13.7 5%
    PST 21.92 8%
    Tip 71.1 15%
    Total 600.72

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    1. re: robgm

      Bit of a stretch to figure things out because I went with what I could remember.
      I'm sure it's within $50 dollars up to $650,tax is a killer true!
      Wine list was expensive as in what was available on the list but there were some reasonable choices available.
      Guessing again,all I can recall was two Canandian bottles selected at roughly $85(red) $35(white)$50(Italian Red)and port(2 glasses $25)
      Bottom line is:I and the guests liked C5 for my Birthday celebration.
      The other choice that came up was Hy's Steak House,maybe for the next family Birthday that ends with a 'zero'!

      1. re: ultrablue

        With all the taxes it is like paying for an uninvited

    2. Our Family Matriarch(in town from B.C.)had this to add:
      "The ambiance of C5 is perfect for a special birthday dinner. We enjoyed Toronto's landmarks from our table in the architecturally exquisite ROM diningroom.
      Our special corner table gave us a private place to share family secrets only we would laugh at.
      The service was superb-attentive, without being intrusive. We enjoyed the carefully prepared food and felt we had been royally wined and dined"