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May 3, 2009 11:05 AM

Recipes using ground chicken

Trying to get out of a rut: we seem to be eat the same things for dinner every night. I know I could substitute ground chicken for ground beef (ho-hum), but does anyone have a great, tried and true recipe using ground chicken?

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  1. I make mini chicken burgers with jalepeno, cilantro, and a little lime juice added in. Smaller burgers are juicer than large ones, which tend to dry out.

    1. Try laab (also spelled larb, laap, or larp), a Laotian dish also popular in Thailand. You can find recipes on Google, but the basic process is to cook the ground chicken ( or pork, or beef) with a little water, then add lime juice, fish sauce, ground roasted chilies, thinly sliced onions/green onions/shallots, mint, culantro (ngo gai) or cilantro, and ground toasted rice powder. Serve with sticky rice and lettuce, cabbage, long beans, etc. To make the toasted rice, cook raw rice in a dry skillet (no oil), stirring, until it turns brown, then grind in a food processor to the texture of sand. You can also cook dried chilies in a dry skillet until they turn dark brown, then grind in a food processor.

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        here's a video of what Matsukaze is describing (perhaps)...WHY haven't I tried this???? It sounds so fabulous!!!! I believe the 2 women are mother/daughter in this video...Matsukaze, your comments, please? I'm going out to buy some ground chicken or turkey this week!!!!

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          I was going to recommend this as well!
          Epi has a good (although perhaps not authentic) recipe:

        2. Use your favorite meatball recipe. Sometimes I use hot Italian sausage 1/2 and 1/2 with the ground chicken. You won't need any eggs because ground chicken just seems stickier and forms fine without. I once grated a small zucchini into the mix and they were very moist. I brown the meatballs in OO and then cook 5 minutes in a pressure cooker. They're great with gravy over noodles, over mashed potatoes, in a roll. Small ones go into soup. They freeze well.

          1. When Iraqi neighbors invited us to dinner one of the dishes they served was a giant fried patty of ground chicken that was sliced like a pie. Just now I looked in my two Middle Eastern cookbooks and both have several versions of this or of basically meatballs made with ground chicken. The seasonings used are various. Do your thing.

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              Que, I was just trying to remember the name of a dish someone described to me not too long ago...they had visited Morocco and had a dish of meatballs made from ground chicken and pistachio nuts...very unusual...I found something vaguely similar that is Greek in origin because I might want to try it...Karen K, would this be of interest to you at all?

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                Sounds like something worth making. Let me know if/when you locate a recipe.

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                  Well,'s the recipe I found...I'm sure you could use regular salted pistachios but I would cut back on the salt (1 TABLESPOON)called for in the recipe if you do...wish I could say this was tried and true...but it's another interesting one like Matsukaze's.


            2. We eat these Chicken Burgers fairly often. I skip the peanut sauce but my husband loves it.