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May 3, 2009 11:04 AM

Special Birthday

Hi, I'm new to the bay area, and live in Palo Alto.
My husband's birthday is coming and he asked me to surprise him with something special.
He loves good food, specially french. He loves nature and good views.
Anything come to mind? It has to be for lunch and close to home since he has a busy night.

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  1. Don' t know what your budget is but my friend just informed me that she & hubby stopped by "the patio" for drinks at the new Rosewood hotel in Menlo Park (Sand Hill @ 280) & she was impressed. Unfortunately, don't have any more info as I didn't get time beyond that. Looks like website isn't fully functional so not sure if it is the restaurant or "lounge" which has views or how the set up is.

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      I'll be sure to check it out! thanks!

      1. Hello first time poster.
        Not a lot to work with here.

        How far are you willing to travel?
        How much do you want to pay?
        How formal?

        None of the typical, "name" french restaurants are open for lunch. The Rosewood hotel rec might be good. I might suggest Evvia, because it's a very good looking room with decent food that's open for lunch. Junoon also has a nice lunch, but is even further from french.

        1. Okay I've only been to one of my suggestions. The Empire Grill has a nice patio. 231 Ellsworth, you could splurge on the Ritz Carlton at Half Moon Bay.

          Or, if the weather is nice, pack up a picnic basket and take him to one of the many green park options in the area.