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May 3, 2009 10:26 AM

Brunch, UWS (106th - 110th St.?)

Anyone have any recommendations for a Saturday brunch place for group of 10 - 15 in the Upper West Side around 106th to 110th Streets? That's not an area I know too well, but is the location that would work to bring together a bunch of family members who rarely get to see each other.

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  1. There are lotsof choices,- parrticularly from 110th to 115, but probably the best is Community Food and Juice at 114.

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    1. re: Ann900

      Community Food and Juice has closed indefinitely due to a fire.

      1. re: zen123

        Oh no- I've been away and hadn't heard about the fire.

    2. Campo, on 113th and Broadway, is really nice. If the weather is good, they have outdoor tables. But the inside of the restaurant is very pretty. They take reservations and a lot of people seem to go there in large groups.

      1. I never have brunch up there, but you might try Henry's, corner of 105th and Broadway. I've had good dinners there, and the waitstaff treats you right. They make good drinks, too, if you want some. Have a look at their menu and see what you think. And if you do go, please report back.

        1. Thanks all - the outing didn't end up happening last week, but now better prepared for a future one. Much appreciated.