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May 3, 2009 10:25 AM

Anyone tried Bake N Cake at the WestEnd of Edmonton

Give it a try. It is a chinese dessert, bakery and light snack cafe. I've been there almost every weekend. They got extra weekend foods/snacks. After 2:30pm, you can get HK Mini Eggies during the weekend. Their Taiwanese Pilllow toast also very delicious.

Here is the address

17759 98A Avenue Nw, Edmonton, AB T5T 5W8
Telephone : 780-487-2867

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  1. I tried that recently. I am sorry to say food is not impressive and too over priced. I have tried at least 8 types of bakery and bunds. Results are the same: not impressive and too expensive. You can buy the same pastry and buns else with a lot better taste and half of the price.

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    1. re: why73224001

      I tried their bakery stuff recently - the taste was fine but the prices were more expensive than what you can get in Chinatown.

      1. re: why73224001

        have you tried authentic hong kong style buns and food? if not then i dont think it is reasonable to compare with other places becuase other places do not claim to be hong kong style. as for the prices i personally do not mind paying extra because i know i am paying for quality and buns that are made freshly everyday

        1. re: cara4315

          Are you asking me or the other person? I have. Numerous times, in numerous places. And it was actually in Hong Kong.

          If you're comparing them to HK, then it's a really basic version of HK buns with not much selection and not as tasty. You're still probably better off going to Chinatown.

          1. re: anonymoose

            no i was asking the other person. i am not saying to actually compare them directly to buns in hong kong because that would just be insane, hong kong without a doubt has limitless selection . but what i was saying to the other person is that their style is similar to the way those in hong kong make them. maybe it is just me but when i buy buns from chinatown they usually dry up overnight thats why i prefer bake n cake, their bakery selections are always wrapped up individually to keep them moist

            anyway, everyone will have different opinions so in the end i think anyone who reads the opinions on this topic should just go try it to see.

            1. re: cara4315

              Individually wrapped keeps it moist longer, but is a negative on the environmentally friendly side. ;)

              I think it's because the other bakeries are more old school that they still use boxes to pack everything up, although I have noticed that more items are individually wrapped than they used to be. You have to remember - HK bakeries never used to wrap their buns individually in the old days. That's a newer trend.

      2. I just read in the paper some where that the bakery chef was working in HK for 40yrs as Master Bakery Chef.

        I seldom eat their bun.. I most order their stuff from Menu.

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        1. re: bubblepuffer

          I find their buns better than chinatown or T&T. Garden Bakery (Chinatown) buns stick to my teeth.. HK Bakery buns are sorta bland, and I don't mind the Golden River buns, although their mini buns are better than their full size.

          BNC are good - they're light, filling, and a little pricier than the other places, but like everything else, it's different from what we're used to.

          Try their pineapple bun order in store. They put a fair amount of butter on it. I also like the condensed milk toast.

          1. re: bubblepuffer

            I must say, however their menu is mainly composed of drinks and instant noodles...

          2. Stopped by today to pick up some buns and the bakery section is gone. It appears to be a restaurant only now. Anyone know what happened or if you can get the buns somewhere else?

            Their website is down as well.

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            1. re: rob1234

              Their pastry chef went back to HK, apparently. That's disappointing too, because they had the best pastries in town too.

              There was a full page ad in the Chinese Newspapers around the end of March announcing they opened a new bakery in the far NE, but that's at the opposite end of the city for me...

              1. re: taiphun

                Bake N Cake foods/Pastry is a crap now.. will never return there. The Sweetheart Bakery at North East end taste very good.. and they starting to sell bubble tea and more Pastry to select now compare to their grand opening.

                1. re: bubblepuffer

                  Apparently they have changed their name and closed.