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May 3, 2009 10:20 AM

Special Occasion Seattle

I've been sifting through Chowhound posts to find a special occasion restaurant for friends going to the Pacific Northwest for their honeymoon. Ideally, I'd love to find a place with a tasting menu or food and wine pairing menu to give them as a wedding present. I'm considering Crush, Tilth, Union, Harvest Vine, or up in Vancouver--Sooke Harbor House. What would be a good place for a memorable meal to begin a honeymoon? Any cuisine type and no food restrictions, just the best meal you think Seattle has to offer! Thanks!

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  1. Sooke Harbour House is a really outstanding option, but note that it's on Vancouver Island (the city of Vancouver is on the mainland). They'd have to get themselves to the island and need a car once there. And an overnight; they have beautiful rooms at Sooke, or less expensive options in/near Victoria. Just so you know Sooke is a full-on destination restaurant. Highly recommended.

    As for Seattle options, I'd add Rover's to the list, French but done with great Northwest influences and a setting that's not at all stuffy. Wine pairings de rigueur. Your other options are all tops too, just very different personalities. Union square downtown, the others more neighborhoody settings. Cuisine shouldn't disappoint at any of them.

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      Second Rover's.

      I'd skip Tilth - not what I'd consider a special occasion resto.

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        Rovers. Definitely a special occasion place without being stuffy. Impeccable service, food, and wine. I recommend it above anything else that has been mentioned so far.

    2. Canlis is also good and has a private room that has an amazing view - the Cache. You can either order off the menu or they have a nice tasting menu with wine and they will take excellent care of you.

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        If your friends are more into food than a view, I suggest Harvest Vine or Il Terrazo Carmine.