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May 3, 2009 09:43 AM

Le Refuge Inn City Island-Bronx

Does anyone know what happened to Le Refuge Inn. Did it close?? At one point the answering machine said closed for renovation now the number is disconnected??? Thanks

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  1. I think it must have closed, because I saw something a real estate story at some point that referred to a house that was "formerly Le Refuge." Don't know any more.

    1. I think it must have closed. I tried to call there recently to make a reservation for our anniversary and the number was disconnected. Anyone know what happened?

      1. It was closed for zoning issues. Apparently our former borough president, now an official in Obama's cabinet and a neighbor to Le Refuge, couldn't do anything to save it. Gentrification doesn't fly in the BX.

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          Weird. Because they were in business there for years.

        2. The truth is their liquor permit was grandfathered. They are within 200' or whatever the rule is of a school. The state liquor board decided to revoke it. Depsite that the school (private) wrote a letter to the SLB siting that they were a good neighbor and the school never had an issue with the inn. Sad but it seems La Refuge will be gone forever, unless someone steps in.