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May 3, 2009 09:17 AM

LA visitors looking for Good Eats - Kansas City, MO; Overland Park/Lenexa, KS

Hi, CHers! The hubby and I are traveling to the Kansas City, MO and Overland Park/Lenexa, KS area for some family business, and would like to get small list of great eats that can't be missed. We're arriving tomorrow, May 4th and are leaving Wednesday morning. The hubby LOVES BBQ. We also enjoy Mom and Pop joints and cuisines from all around the world...I'm part Chinese and Vietnamese, so I'm REALLY particular about my Chinese and Vietnamese food.

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  1. hi, attran99, lenexa has a charming mom/pop place. actually, maybe just a mom place. the pie lady in old town lenexa. as a retired member of the lenexa pd, without reservation recommend her pies, and cookies, and quiches! true, the coffee's not the very best and there's only a couple of tables, but, oh, my, the pie makes it all worth while. enjoy/g

    1. BlueStem--Eclectic
      One Bite--Japanese (not sushi)
      Oklahoma Joe's--BBQ
      Jack Stack (95th and Metcalf)--BBQ
      Thai Place--Thai

      1. Oohhh...dessert! Love dessert...especially a fresh, homemade pie. No offense, going to skip the sushi...we live right by the Pacific Ocean and are lucky enough to have some really FRESH sushi choices in L.A. But will definitely hit up the other, love, love Thai and Indian food.

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          Johnson County has lots of good Indian. Flavor of India which opened about 7 months ago in Lenexa and Indian Palace a mile away in Overland Park are probably the current best. Rushi at College and Antioch in OP is also good.

          I think the best Thai is the metro is presently at Thai Treasure Restaurant in south Overland Park. The lunch buffet is also good at Bangkok Pavilion.

          For BBQ in the Lenexa/OP area, I second the recommendation of Oklahoma Joes. Jack Stack is also good, but a couple of often overlooked good ones are Bates City BBQ in Shawnee (Great ribs and fresh French fries) and Brobeck's BBQ off I-434 in far east Overland Park.

          If you expanded to the whole metro area, there are probably 20 places that would get our recs.

          I think the best Chinese in that area is Tea Garden in Olathe. There is no Vietnamese without a long drive, but if you also like Korean, try Chung's Rainbow Restaurant at Metcalf and 103rd in Overland Park. The nearby Choga Korean Restaurant is also good, but I think Chung's is the best.

          For Mediterranean food try Holy Land Cafe or KC Grill N Kabob in Lenexa.

          My experience at the Pie Lady has been mixed.

        2. Because of all of the family activities scheduled during our short stay, we were only able to try one of your suggestions. Family dictated much of the dining experiences during our trip. We did try Jack Stack...and it was su-freaking-perb! I had the 3 rib platter...I devoured the lamb ribs and the baby backs...but found the lamb to be better than anything I'd ever had before. The baby back was quite good, and I never made it to the beef ribs. The baked beans were good, and cheesy corn bread was macaroni and cheese sauce with tons of corn and pieces of ham mixed in. The hubby enjoyed the Jack Stack platter...which had some AWESOME burnt ends and some tasty crown ribs.
          Lunch the next day was catered by Zorda's BBQ. Tasty smoked brisket, pork, and ham. The brisket and ham were my faves...and their sauce was quite good, too. I did enjoy the baked beans...I was extremely impressed with Kansas City baked beans! And it was quite interesting to be served pickles with the was a nice palate cleanser.
          Dinner the second night was at Hikari Steakhouse for some teppan grill action. Surprisingly good...the hubby and I shared the steak and shrimp combo...shrimp was cooked to perfection...steak a little overcooked, but it wasn't bad. My only complaint was that everything was OVER-seasoned. Too salty...couldn't really taste anything but the salt. We also shared a spider roll and a tempura roll, which was nice...not like what we could get at home, but nice.
          We did some bar hopping in Westport. Kelly's was interesting. Apparently, the Underground Railroad traveled right underneath the bar. The bartenders were nice enough to open the hatch and let us take a tour. The bar at Kelly's was okay...drinks were adequately executed. The hubby tried Joe's Pizza inside Kelly's...NY style pizza, but served with some honey as a dipping sauce. It reminded him of the Roscoe's Chicken 'N Waffle concept...savory and him it was okay...for me, my brain didn't know what to think because it was so strange. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't normal, either. We tried Karma, but it was a bit too dingy and reminded us of some joints in Hollywood.
          Thanks very much for all the tips!

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            Thanks for sharing your experiences in KC! We love to hear back from visitors, as it gives us all a great perspective. I'm afraid the story you heard about the Boone building where Kelly's is now being on the UGRR is just a local legend. Now, the Quindaro neighborhood on the KS side, as well as Lawrence where KU is centered, they have real history with the transportation and lodging of runaway slaves. But, Kelly's is so close to the border of a free state, the likelihood any slaves sought shelter there is incredibly slim. They pretty much would've kept moving with so little distance to freedom. There are sites in KC, MO where historocal records says slaves were sold, but no UGRR shelters.