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May 3, 2009 09:12 AM

Looking for Weekday Lunch in Lower Westchester

We decided to take Mom to lunch next week instead of joining the Mother's Day crowds over the weekend. Now the question is where. We have been to Harvest, X20 and Equus and would love to try something else. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. All cuisines are fine except for Asian, Mexican or Indian. We like, Italian, American and French. A pretty place would be even better. Thanks.

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  1. In Rye, La Panatiere. Very french, a bit fussy but good food and very pretty Open for lunch. Also French and more casual but still pretty, Le Provencal in Mamaroneck is one of my very favorites.

    Italian: Emilio's in Harrison: old world, traditional. Very good food. For a different Italian experience and much debated on these boards is Spadaro in New Rochelle. You can search and see there are lovers and haters. Chef and owner is from Rome. Cuisine follows in that tradition. Very simple grilled meats, fish, pastas and antipasti. The "no written menu" policy is an issue with many, including the lovers.

    American: Hmmmm.. Ruby's in Rye - it's a ladies who lunch type spot but not a senior crowd. Good, American bistro fare but I wouldn't call it a foodie paradise or anything like that.

    Turkish: For something different, could consider Turkish Meze - excellent food, comfortable and attractive restaurant, very lovely owners and staff.

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      If the weather's nice, Red Hat in Irvington has tables outside facing the river. They also have a nice lunch menu.

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        Red Hat has a terrific lunch menu and upscale atmosphere. The outdoor tables with view of the Hudson on a warm day make it my favorite lunch spot!! This is an excellent mother's day lunch choice -- just right.

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          we have been here 2 times and love it! and it is a v. pretty restaurant overlooking the Hudson river. Great suggestion

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            OP requested Lower Westchester, otherwise Red Hat would be absolutely perfect.

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              I consider Irvington lower Westchester (I live right nearby). My definition is south of 287.

      2. I believe that La Panetierre has a prixe fixe lunch for $25.

        1. I've been to Rosie's Bistro Italiano in Bronxville many times for lunch. Their carpaccio is fabulous, and I've had some really tasty pastas there as well. Last time I went I had an excellent fish special.

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            Thanks for the suggestion. I certainly prefer the location as it is closer to us. I went on their website and there were no pictures of the restaurant. Was just wondering if it is a nice looking restaurant. I wanted it to be a nice one since it was for Mother's Day. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

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              I think it is a very nice looking restaurant. It is not a "joint," if you know what I mean. It's a real restaurant with art on the walls and tablecloths on the tables. It looks out on Palmer Road with some attractive and large windows. My husband, who has his office nearby, has all of his local business lunches there, if that tells you something.

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                Thank you for the response. I appreciate the information.

                1. re: G3B

                  We went to Rosie's Bistro Italiano in Bronxville for lunch today and while a nice restaurant, I hate to say we were disappointed with the food. We ordered a mushroom pizza which tasted like it was baked tortilla wrap instead of pizza dough. Fish special was the best item, however the risotto it came with was undercooked and not flavorful at all. The boneless chicken dish with spinach and asparagus was overcooked and just too tough. Hopefully it was an off day. After the entrees no one dared to try dessert.

          2. La Bocca or Blue in White Plains could be nice for lunch.