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May 3, 2009 07:59 AM

Jewish Deli in Grand Ledge, MI?


I am trying to help a friend from Grand Ledge, MI locate a good Jewish Deli in the area.
Anybody know of one?

TY for the help!


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  1. It sounds like you expect to find one in Grand Ledge, a tiny town just west of Lansing, LOL!

    None in the Lansing area are mentioned in the big Lansing discussion at so I'm going to guess that there aren't any in Lansing or East Lansing. In that case, he/she will probably need to go at least as far as Ann Arbor for Zingerman's, or continue on to the Detroit suburbs for the best Jewish delis in the Midwest, as recommended in these discussions:

    Here are their locations and links to their websites:
    Stage Deli (West Bloomfield, Troy) -
    Deli Unique (West Bloomfield, Bloomfield Hills) -
    Steve's Deli (Bloomfield Hills) -
    Plaza Deli (Southfield) -
    Star Deli (Southfield) - no website
    Mudgies Deli (Detroit) -
    Ron's Bagel Deli (Commerce Township) - (website doesn't work, not sure on status)
    Zingerman's (Ann Arbor) -

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    1. re: nsxtasy


      I do appreciate the prompt reply.
      I have no idea how tiny Grand Ledge is, as I am from the NY/NJ area.
      I often speak to my friend about matzo ball soup and all the good stuff we can get here, and she would love to try it.
      I will send her the info you have sent me, and the ball is now in her court.
      Thank you so much!!!


    2. Michelle

      If you want a new, very good big city-class deli that passes the corned-beef sandwich acid test, and you're willing to drive to Okemos (which you should be if you're seious), try State Side Deli on the west side of Okemos Road, just north of Jolly. State Side is in the same center anchored at one end by Starbucks, and on the other end by Grand Traverse Pie, with Stillwater Grill at the corner in the middle. It is as close as we come to a Detroit-style Jewish Deli. Corned beef and pastrami are very good; rye is double-baked; they have Dr Brown's Soda, as well as 7-layer cake. Hanging salamis tell you they're serious about meeting your expectations.

      If you have big-city taste for a very good corned beef sandwich, this is your bet and worth the drive (short of Zingerman's in Ann Arbor, or the Stage in Farmington, both of which are also worth the drive but much further. The staff there wants you HAPPY, and knows how to schmooze to make sure you are.

      If you was a decent corned beef sandwich closer to you, there is also Amici's Deli near Frandor. It's good enough quality corned beef; and generous, but the bread isn't the same as you will be used to despite being good enough. I've run over there from my office near the Capitol in Lansing on occasion for a quick carry-out and I've always enjoyed it. But it's not a real deli.

      If you're only satisfied with a Chicago/NYC/LA deli spectacle, Lansing won't be it, but it will hit the sweet spot for authenticity of the food.

      Finally, if you haven't taken the time to go to Zingerman's in Ann Arbor, you have thus far missed what may be the best of the best of the delis in the USA. Do your homework before you go, and cover the complete sandwich menu because deciding is not for the faint of heart, so incredible are the offerings.

      Food up!


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      1. re: Ravenjon

        That's great news for residents in, and visitors to, Lansing. (Okemos is right next to East Lansing.) You should really post all of that information to the Lansing topic (see link above), where people looking for good food in the Lansing area will find it!

        FWIW, as someone who grew up eating at delis in the NYC area, I haven't been as impressed with the fare at Zingerman's in AA as I have been with the Detroit-area delis I mentioned above. But now I know where to try the next time I'm in Lansing!

        1. re: nsxtasy

          Ron's Bagel Deli in Commerce is closed. It was the same menu, with less ambiance, as the Bread Basket in Oak Park

        2. re: Ravenjon

          I visited Amici's a few years ago and when I asked what type of rye they had, the server asked me what rye was.

          1. re: Ravenjon

            I ordered a Reuben at Amici's and watched them grill the toast and put the Meat in a microwave to warm it up. Stay far away from this place. I've yet to find a good deli sandwich in the Lansing area, but haven't tried State Side Deli yet.

            Some people like Lou and Harry's which now has a location by Frandor just off Saginaw in the same building as the Biggby's [Beaners]. I thought their stuff was just "okay".

            If you're heading to the Detroit area, I can highly recommend a Deli in downtown Farmington Hills called Dagwoods. Used to eat there often when I lived in the area, one of the best around.