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May 3, 2009 07:48 AM

Does anyone have a recipe for a low-fat, crispy, cracker-like chocolate cookie?

I'd like to find a recipe for a thin, crispy chocolate cookie that has a minimal amount of fat and sugar. Does such a thing exist? Thanks in advance for any input!

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  1. Oh darn. I remembered this biscotti recipe was a chocolate one, but, now I realize it's an espresso one. It's not chocolate and it's not cracker like, but it's crisp and low-fat and was a hit at Christmas!

    I can search my weight watchers recipes for a cookie, if you want, but the recipe will not have been tested by me...


    1. try she has amazing recipes, including cookies that are as healthy as you would want a cookie to be.

      1. Perhaps adding cocoa powder to a homemade graham cracker recipe? Don't have a recipe I've made myself, unfortunately, but maybe someone else does?

        1. Not a recipe, but the Trader Joe's cat-shaped chocolate cookies might fit the bill for you. They come in a clear plastic tub and taste like chocolate grahams. Sorry, if I had any on hand I'd supply the numbers.

          1. These might be softer than you want--but they're chocolatey and good (even if you skip the chocolate chips.) :)


   (orig. recipe)