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Tajine reopening in The Heights?

I heard Tajine is reopening in a week or so. (The Heights is located on the corner of Pacific and Van Ness.)

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  1. Awesome. Loved this place when it was in the Tenderloin. Missed it so. Pleas keep us informed on it's opening.

    1. According to EaterSF, it reopens on Thursday (5/7)

      1. It is officially open. Looking forward to going some time next week.

        1. Here's the Place link. Looking forward to hearing some reports.

          Tajine (Heights)
          2080 Van Ness Ave, San Francisco, CA

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          1. re: Melanie Wong

            I went this past Wednesday and it was very good. The new space is much more comfortable, with low seating and the traditional Moroccan brass tables. And, since it is now inside the Heights nightclub, you can have cocktails and wine with your meal. Service needs to get up to speed, but they haven't been open long and I'm sure it will get there. The food, however, was right on. We had the $29 pre-fixe which is one hell of a bargain, including soup, choice of salad (we had the Mosaic of Salads), bastilla and an entree. We also ordered a side of Merguez just because we like Merguez. For my entree I had the lamb tajine which was succulent and flavorful. I could get into this more but am pressed for time -- suffice to say that quality has not suffered in the least with Tajine's move, and atmosphere has improved greatly.

            1. re: Zach Georgopoulos

              Hey Zach, thanks for the post and run! I'm looking forward to trying the food at the new digs. I completely missed the Polk St location, only ate on Jones.

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                Thanks Zack! I was sad to see Tajine replaced on Polk by City Kebab (no knock against City Kebab) and thrilled to see it re-open in a bigger space.

                Did you notice if the a la carte prices are similar to what they were before? I am just wondering if they're still a place to grab a $10 dinner, or more mid-range now . Their website still has all the old prices listed, but the address has been updated.

                1. re: Pei

                  I didn't pay attention to the a la carte prices since we decided to go for the fixed price dinner. My sense was that they are trying to keep things at the same price point as before.

            2. I'm sorry to see that it's not open for lunch. Their hours are correctly shown on their website (http://tajinerestaurant.com) as Tuesday through Sunday, 5:00pm to 10:00pm. The menu on the site is a lunch menu which is not correct (I called and they said they're working on the site). Too bad...

              1. Tajine in The Heights has closed. Owner plans to find another location in the City per sfeater:

                1. Very happy to report Tajine is back on Polk Street, near the corner of Clay, with the same great menu and crew (plus a couple of charming young sons).

                  The eggplant salad and kabobs were as good as ever, and prices seemed the same ($7 sandwiches, $5 salads, kabob plates and tajines for $9-13)..

                  It's next to Red Devil Lounge on the Bob's Donuts side of the street. Lunch and dinner.

                  Tajine Moroccan Restaurant
                  1653 Polk St, San Francisco, CA

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                    Thanks! A friend was just asking about this the other day. I wish them more luck than they had with their 3 past locations...

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                      I just went to the new location. Food was amazing, the people were very nice and accommodating. The Mint Tea was heavenly.

                      It seems as if they were still having issues with service I didn't get my order until my friends meal was cold, but to be perfectly honest the flavor and freshness was so amazing and the atmosphere so comfortable I didn't care.

                      I will go back and I will tell my friends to go there too.

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                        I went there today for lunch, and had one of their vegetarian sandwiches, the Casa, eggplant with tomato and peppers on a toasted French roll with delicious fries on the side. All of this for six bucks! And they also gave me a warm flatbread covered with sesame seeds and some olive oil while I waited for my sandwich and a cup of sweet tea after I'd finished the sandwich.

                        I'm looking forward to trying the rest of the menu, especially the tajines an cous cous dishes. I was the only person there when I first arrived around 12:30 pm on a Tuesday, but received a warm welcome from the owner, who I remembered.from his old location. The new space is quite a bit larger than the old Tenderloin location, with seating for 44, and nicer as well.