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May 3, 2009 12:05 AM

Hey Ya'll

What would travelers do without such boards?! Some friends and I will be in NO in a coupla weeks for a nursing conference. I have scanned the past week or more of posts, but still have some ??.
We will be staying in the FQ in a condo type place with a kitchen, Where is the closest small (or large!) place where we can purchase some supplies for the kitchen (snacks, and things to pack for lunch at the conference, I seriously doubt we will be actually cooking meals!) ??
What about Happy Hours? Are there any good ones between the conference center and the FQ? (No car, but not afraid of walking or taking public transportation)? I like to drink tequila, is there a bar that has a wide variety of tequilas?
I've been to NO before, but was so tight for $$ the last time I didn't get a chance to really try much. I'm really excited! Any tips would be appreciated, and if You're ever in Seattle I can reciprocate with suggestions :)

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  1. If tequila is in your repertoire then I suggest a trip to Yo Mama's. It's on St. Peters between Bourbon and Royal Sts. My current favorite is the Chinaco Anejo. They also serve delicious burgers.

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      Thanks, I'll put that place on my list!

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        Yes, the old A&P was going to be my suggestion, however you beat me to it, and also knew the name now.

        Central Grocery on Decatur St is also a real "grocery," though an ethnic (Italian) one. Known more for their mufalettas, they should not be discounted for other foods.

        You might want to do a Search This Board, for some reviews, as the FQ has a wealth of very good to great restaurants.

        You might want to also mention both your budget and your preferences. These can help others fill you with great recs. As a frame of reference (for me), how do you rate Cascadia? That will help me to think of places for your visit.

        Between you and me, I'd be most inclined to dine in New Orleans restaurants, and use the kitchen and groceries for snacks only - but that is just me.



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          I have a page full of restaurants I read about initially on this board. I always try to research the food in the area whenever I travel. Incredible way to learn things from people who have actually eaten in the places and not just reviewers!
          As for Cascadia, I assume You mean the former Kerry Sears restaurant - he has moved on to Art at the new Four Seasons; and not the PNW area in general. Nice place, comfortable. I only had one meal there, really didn't stand out in my mind. But I used to love to go sit in the bar for Happy Hour and enjoy a 'Snowball Martini' (or was it called an Alpine martini?). Didn't really enjoy the mini burgers but absolutely loved the cones of frittes served with several sauces :)
          Although I plan to have a few good meals while I am in town I am especially looking for tips on 'Happy Hour' or bar food & snacks reccomendations in particular.
          Thanks so much!

          1. re: TraveLoveRN

            That chef-change has occurred, since we were last there.

            OK, if you liked Cascadia, under Chef Sears, then you need to include Stella! into your plans. I'd also suggest Restaurant August. Both are at about the same level, or slightly above Cascadia. There are some similarities in other aspects too.

            While I'm not much of a cocktail/martini person (I'm just a wino), I think you'll like Restaurant August's bar. I know many who have never gone beyond it. I just have never stopped there, so it's all second-hand.

            In New Orleans, I'd also suggest that you fit both Brigtsen's and Galatoire's into the mix. They are different, and also different from my previous two recs. Still, they are not to be missed, regardless of how much effort either is.

            Beyond those, you only have about 300 great and 1000 really good restaurants.

            Note: things are likely to be a bit different, cuisine wise, than Seattle. With the exception of the first two, the "California concept" in cuisine is just not that strong. The food is different - great, but different.

            Make sure to try some of it all and enjoy,


            Restaurant August
            301 Tchoupitoulas Street, New Orleans, LA 70130

            Stella Restaurant
            1032 Chartres Street, New Orleans, LA 70116

            Galatoire's Restaurant
            209 Bourbon St., New Orleans, LA 70130

            Brigtsen's Restaurant
            723 Dante St, New Orleans, LA 70118

      2. also in the Qtr. is Felipe's on Decatur for tequila.

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