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May 3, 2009 12:05 AM

First Mother's Day Brunch

I'm probably too late but this is the first Mother's Day for my wife. I'm looking for something special for her and our 7 month old kid. There's lots of great places but we aren't sure which ones are "kid friendly". Anywhere in the LA area is fine and anything under $50/person is ok (it's only the first mother's day once, right?)

We have reservations at Campanile but we'd love some more suggestions!

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  1. Michaels in Santa Monica. Been there for dinner. Little expensive, but check out the Mother's day menu, it's for 2008, so I don't know if they are offering Mother's day brunch.
    May have to call and ask...

    1. Campanile is not a bad choice at all. I find their brunch choices better than their dinner choices.

      If the weather is nice the brunch at Cliff's Edge would be a good choice. As beautiful an outdoor space as we have in LA.

      Cliff's Edge
      3626 W. Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90026

      1. I also think Campanile is a lovely choice. I also agree that Campanile does brunch best.

        To me, there's a difference between kid-friendly and baby-friendly. The latter to me just means ample room to put a carrier or stroller, and tolerance for a few seconds of fussiness (before you quickly escort fussy child outside). The former is openness to excessive noise, messiness, and other diners who won't mind the presence.

        Comme Ca is doing a nice Mother's Day Brunch... and they're even offering a $15 prix fixe!

        A hotel would be something else to consider, such as Shutters or the Four Seasons or Bel Air...

        1. If the weather is fine, you can't ask for a more special setting than the Inn of the Seventh Ray in Topanga (http://www.innoftheseventhray.com/)

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            my experience with Inn of the Seventh Ray is:
            gorgeous setting
            HORRIBLE service
            meh food
            pricey for what you get

          2. Might want to keep the reservations at Campanile. Sounds like they do a decent brunch, tho I've only been for dinner. And if you haven't been out on Mother's day before, being your first baby, it is usually a madhouse. Not Campanile, per se, but EVERYWHERE. Just like on Valentine's Day, the service is rushed, the food is usually not up to par & expensive for what you get, usually a limited menu. That being said, perhaps the economy this year will temper that a bit in less people going out, and those that do having a more enjoyable experience. But I wouldn't count on it!!

            And tho it was quite a while ago, my kids were little when we went to Campanile, not babies, but they seemed to do fine and we didn't get too many dirty looks. I do remember them being fascinated with the fountain tho. Enjoy it! Sounds nice!