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May 2, 2009 09:22 PM

SEA-TAC hotel, no car, easy dinner

We're meeting friends at Sea-Tac for dinner. Is there anywhere within walking distance to the Doubletree that would be interesting. Price range$10-$15 entree. And OK for well-behaved kids.

Our focus is on being able to hang out comfortably.

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  1. Sea-Tac is about as pedestrian unfriendly as it gets, sorry. I wouldn't plan on walking anywhere down there.

    Bai Tong used to have a location maybe a mile or two up the road from the doubletree, but they've moved to Southcenter; not walkable.

    In fact, the only non-hotel restaurant I can think of down there that you could conceivably walk to is 13 Coins which is definitely more than $15 for an entree. (Also, not especially good.)

    1. you have a great spot near you
      Sharp's roaster and ale house. i think it is almost across the street from the doubletree. food is above average and the atmosphere is good for hanging out and ideal for kids. great bread basket and delicious root beer on tap. root beer floats for the kids!! best in town.

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        Thanks. We ended up at Sharps. It was close, easy, good, and great to the kids.
        And my beer was delicious.

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          Good choice. It's my favorite at the airport. Great roast beef sandwiches!

      2. Bai Tong is a very easy walk from the Doubletree. There is also a Japanese restaurant in the same strip, but I can't remember it's name.

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          There's a Doubletree in Tukwila, in the valley below sea-tac airport but also one right across the street, so research your destinations carefully. Bai Tong moved a couple miles down the hill from Highway 99 (International Blvd) some years back, to 16876 Southcenter Pkwy, a few blocks from the Soutcenter Mall. It's about 4 miles by road, 2 or 3 by foot, and a steep hike. I know triathletes who'd do this without breathing hard, but it's been 30 years since I'd try that hill after a meal.