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May 2, 2009 08:33 PM

What are the main types of Sake?

Whole Foods sells a lot of different sakes.

I tried one a few weeks ago - Junmai (sp?) - The brand of this was "sake2me", with carbonation and some additional flavoring - one was citrus and one was pear. I thought that these tasted good and had a good "buzz".

I tried another variety of sake tonight - Ginjo. It seems like Ginjo sake has 15% alcohol while Junmai sake only has 7% alcohol. The brand of Ginjo I had tonight doesn't have any additional flavoring. It tastes OK and pairs well with sushi.

What is your favorite variety and brand of sake? Are the expensive ones really any better than the cheaper ones?

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    Good overview of the types available, Trader Joe's has a couple of sakes from their house brand that are decent. Cost isn't always an indication of quality, but I'd suggest aiming for mid priced stuff.