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May 2, 2009 08:23 PM

City Sip -- annoying service

Thursday night I had some celebrating to do. A friend joined me at City Sip. Benefiting the occasion I ordered a $14 dollar glass of bubbly. The waiter poured 1/4 glass from a day old bottle until it was empty. When I pointed out that it was flat he snapped, "That's why I'm opening a new bottle." He then filled the glass on top of the flat day old stuff. I knew my friend doesn't like a scene so I blew it off but c'mon...

Also, the pours have been shrinking and I wished they'd get some more chairs so while they ignore me I can at least stand at my table.

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  1. I don't think I would have let it slide. If you wanted flat white wine you would have ordered Chardonnay or Sancerre or something. You can complain without causing a scene in front of your friend -- slip off to the "bathroom" or something and go get the manager.

    1. Unconscionable.

      Actually, I have heard bad things about CitySip. Perhaps I should not say so, not having been there. But enough that I am unlikely to go.

      1. The size of wine pours at so many places seem to have been measured out with scientific accuracy to the absolute bare minimum. Did your bubbly seem flat to you after both halves were poured? I've done very similar things at home and have not noticed an appreciable difference in bubbles afterward.

        1. Hershey, I hope you'll let City Sip management know about the waiter's behavior and help improve service for other customers. (They have a contact link at: ) A brief, polite letter focused on *one* issue usually brings a constructive response, in my experience.

          1. The SO and I went about a month ago and the service was very nice and the pours were proper. We talked to the owner for a couple of minutes and she was very nice even though she was obviously frazzled, dealing with a weekend night rush. I agree with folks who mentioned talking to management. It sounds like one bartender was being kind of a jerk, that's a tipping issue to me, and does not necessarily mean the whole place is at issue.

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              Why would they even keep a bottle that was that empty?

              Unless it is there policy?