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May 2, 2009 07:22 PM

TGI Fridays $5 Sandwichs and Salads??


Anyone ventured out and try anyone of these??? Went to Fridays in Towson MD

I tried the Meatball Hoagie. Ordered mine with Provolone though menu says Mixed Cheese. I asked waitress what "mixed cheese" consisted of, she sighed, hemmed and hawed a bit, and then stuck her nose in the menu as if looking for it and then finally sputtered out I think she said "mexican blend" (i think she just made something up) ..who knows

The Ciabatta Roll and Meatballs were the best part. Granted they served me a half-BURNT roll. Was the kitchen manager drunk, missing in action, in the bathroom?? like literally my roll was black and not edible. how that got out to me is beyond me. I took a picture. cause I wrote Fridays a note suggesting they might need some re-training in their kitchen..

What I could salvage of the Roll was soft and fresh. Meatballs were fine for not being from an Italian Restaurant. The rest I can't explain. I am not sure what marinara they are talking about, I had a a few small square pieces of tomato chunks but nothing really resembling marinara. It wasn't good, luckily I was abily to push most of the "red goop" away. The cheese was like non-existent. I mean like maybe just a sprinkle, thats it.

Anyone try anything else? or the Meatball sub?

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  1. I don't usually do that type of chain, but I had a gift card so... We thought there would be small portions, but they were regular size. We had the Mediterranean salad - large, plenty of olives and feta and no iceberg! I had the Asian chicken wrap. It was plenty spicy, full of chicken, but on a crusty spinach wrap -- not that I'd expect a rice paper wrapper. DH had a Chipotle steak sandwich - it was pretty big. I surprised myself by thinking that for the price I'd try it again. Don't know how long the limited time is tho.

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