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May 2, 2009 07:10 PM

Barcelona for a weekend?

BFF and I are off to Barcelona for a quick weekend eat and drink all we can 'foodie' jaunt. We're looking for cheap cheap cheap budget accommodation in a 'foodie' neighbourhood. I'm not after expensive, fancy or upmarket food. Looking for more atmospheric old world, old man-local tapas bars that are super authentic and non--touristy. The more down and dirty the better. The goal is great food, not ridiculous prices. But will pay good money for great food. Any tips or recommendations? Thinking of staying in the Barrio Gothic area. Where should we go?

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  1. Do you guys need help with the itinery in terms of train times and such also ? For the real authentic experience, like you're with the locals, you should search these boards and you will find places that only the local old world people frequent - not foodies from chowhound - only the locals who like to eat cheap and super non touristy. Very cheap and non touristy.

    Search the Spain/Portugal section by typing in 'Barcelona' in the box above the post and hit search. You will find a large number of recommendations for Barcelona at various prices, styles and foods.. cheap and old man local.

    1. We just returned from a two-week trip to Spain, which included Barcelona and Madrid, and found many, many helpful tips from Maribel's Guides, which you can find online by just googling that. She does an amazing and comprehensive guide to just about everything, both upscale and not--shopping, neighborhoods, museums and restaurants, getting around; she leaves out nothing. She has both regional guides (such as to La Rioja) and individual guides focused on certain larger cities: Barcelona, Madrid, Segovia, etc.

      1. A bit pricy but still the best restaurant I've ever been too...I lived in Barcelona for 5 months and Cal Pep took the cake. It's a small restaurant that serves small plates at the bar. Customers wait with wine behind other patrons. It's so exciting because you just tell them the type of food and it flows from there. The seafood is fantastic. If you're staying in Bario Gotico it's a very quick walk: Pla├ža Olles 8
        08003 Barcelona, Spain
        +34 933 107 961
        I mean it is REALLY worth the money, this from a girl who lives to eat. Go early because if they get to busy and the wait is too long, you won't get fed.

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        1. Vasa del Oro is my rec for local tapas...down and dirty local tapas bar. While I do love Cal Pep (i've been 3x), it's very touristy. I asked my Spanish teacher about it (I lived in Barcelona for a semester) and she said that locals would never go to Cal Pep because of the wait and prices. I also love Pinotxo, which is also a little touristy, but gets some locals, as well. I lived in Gracia and it's a wonderful neighborhood to wander around in. Plenty of veryyyyy cheap local tapas bars (sorry, I can't remember the names of the ones I frequented). I love Bar Mut for slightly more innovative tapas. It's small, cozy, but more upscale than Vasa del Oro.