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May 2, 2009 07:09 PM

Baltimore to Charleston, SC. Anything good?

Next week, my SO and I will be traveling to Charleston, SC. We're leaving on a Wednesday after rush hour is over, and will probably drive to Rocky Mount and stay overnight before continuing to Charleston the next morning. I don't think we'll be stopping for any dinner on the way unless we decide to leave earlier but, just in case, is there anything worth stopping for along I-95? And, is there any good place to get breakfast/dinner in Rocky Mount?

Feel free to add some good suggestions for Charleston also if you have any. We hope to find some good lowcountry food, so any suggestions will be more than helpful!

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  1. Both these questions (or variations of them) are asked quite frequently. A search of the board will turn up a great deal of information.

    1. Im doing this in a few days, did you find anything good?

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        Sorry for the late reply. There was a lot of good in Charleston. This is a true iconic southern city. Hominy Grill, Poogan's Porch for breakfast, Jestine's Kitchen, shrimp and grits and Gullah Cuisine, deep fried crabs at Buckshots in McClellanville. Unfortunately I didnt make it to Broadway Diner, and I was highly disappointed by the shrimp & grits at S.N.O.B. Everything else was excellent.