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May 2, 2009 06:55 PM

Any Suggestions On a Private Bar/Space For 100 People Party?

hi we are looking to throw a party in the fall to celebrate a wedding. we would like it to consist of drinks and apps with a cocktaily party feel. We are looking in either manhattan or brooklyn.

any ideas would be appreciated.....or suggestions on how to even go about looking for this type of space.


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  1. Williamsburg Penthouse, Steiner Studios in Brooklyn, Brooklyn Academy of Music, Loft 11, Manhattan Penthouse. I'm sure you can even rent out an entire restaurant. Alta is a tapas restaurant that has a great feel and very good tapas.

    1. I always recommend Tempo in Park Slope for parties of this size, in part because the food is superb and the space lovely, and in part because they're already set up to deal with it.

      As for Manhattan, as a law student a few years ago, I attended receptions at a million different places downtown, but receptions at Jane (I know, I know, their food is ordinary, but they did a great job with canapes and drinks) and Nobu Next Door stood out. That's an extremely brief list, of course.

      In terms of how to look for this type of thing, I might have a look at the New York venue guide from BizBash magazine, which lists, describes and includes event contact info for just about every event space in the city.

      1. Moran's in Chelsea has a big private space, good food annd resonable prices, Tom the banquet manager will work with your budget

        Harbor Lights Restaurant on Pier 17, South Street Seaport, also has a private room more expesive but the view is wonderful, talk to Tom the manager, not the the banquer manager

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          1. Not to be a bummer, but I just booked something exactly like this and you should be aware that you're going to be in the $7,000 - $10,000 range for this kind of event. That said, here's some places I looked at that seemed good:

            City Winery - kind of pricey, but they rent out the tank room (not sure of the official name) which is a great space if you can afford it. They'll also do a sit-down dinner here for up to 80 that would be pretty amazing if you could foot the bill. They're willing to carve the space up in all kinds of different configurations.

            Pen and Brush Club - on East 10th Street. Old NYC townhouse/gallery space. You have to bring in your own caterer but the space is ultra-inexpensive and very classy looking.

            Jane Hotel Bar - again, expensive. But it's a nice looking space. Didn't get much of an idea for how the food would be.

            Le Pouisson Rouge - the food is ok and the price is ok and so that makes it ok.

            La Lanterna - not sure how they'd handle something this big, never got that far with them. But they do have a garden you can rent that's nice, and they seemed willing to work with me. I just found somewhere bigger before getting into details with them.