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May 2, 2009 06:54 PM

what flavors go well with watermelon?

my neighbor just gave me a huge watermellon, and I was pondering other preparations other than just eating it as is. Any suggestions?

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  1. Make some watermelon agua fresca?

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    1. re: huaqiao

      Simply squeeze a fresh lemon over the sliced watermelon -- that's truly all it needs. Delicious!

    2. Infuse it with Vodka.

      Make a salad with baby greens, a balsamic viniagrette and Blue-Brie cheese.

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      1. re: KiltedCook

        What's Blue-Brie? Sounds fascinating - and delightful!

        1. re: mattwarner

          Blue Brie is pretty much exactly what it sounds like - an amalgamation of the two. it's a creamy, ripened blue-veined cheese with the bloomy white rind typical of cheeses like Brie or Camembert...and yes, it's delicious! ;)

          1. re: goodhealthgourmet

            Ever had cambozola (i.e. camembert/gorgonzola)? That stuff is unbelievable.

            1. re: operagirl

              *love* cambozola.

              i'm having a Homer Simpson moment. mmmm...cheese.

      2. I've had a wonderful salad with watermelon, feta and red onion. I've seen recipes that have a dressing added or other variations, but I think the one I had was just the three ingredients.

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        1. re: Jeri L

          YES! I've had this also and it was so refreshing. Something about the watermelon, feta, red onion and vinaigrette combo (duh, I know). The salad I had served it tossed in a champagne vinaigrette but I think any light vinaigrette would work. Mmmmm, now I'm craving this.

          1. re: lynnlato

            That's one of my favorite salads - make it all summer (watermelon season). Use a light white balsamic dressing, so good.

          2. re: Jeri L

            This is my favorite thing to eat when it's hot in the summer, particularly when watching Wimbledon. Only problem is that we haven't had a hot summer in two years. The dressing created by the combination of red onion soaked in lime juice is sublime with the watermelon cubes. I really hope we get a hot summer this year. Here's the recipe I use:

            1. re: Jeri L

              With crunchy hunks of fried pork you can make a carnivore's salad that works the same salty and sweet magic.

              With cucumbers and cayenne, you can also make a mean margarita.

              1. re: Jeri L

                I was just about to recommend this same combo. Very tasty and very fresh summer salad.

              2. my first thoughts when i saw your post were sorbet, margaritas, or watermelon "gazpacho."

                i've always been a fan of watermelon with cheese. cut into chunks and toss with good, aged balsamic, torn fresh mint or basil, fresh cracked black pepper, feta, bleu or goat cheese, and halved grape or cherry tomatoes if you can get good ripe ones. alternatively, you could just cut some thick slices, marinate for a few minutes in your favorite vinaigrette, and grill with slices of Halloumi.

                FYI, there's actually a National Watermelon Promotion Board! of course their website has recipes...


                1. I cube the watermelon, add one can of thawed limeade concentrate and chopped mint.

                  If there are leftovers, blend it up as an aqua fresca the next day.