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May 2, 2009 06:46 PM

favorite restaurants in St Maarten

I will be travelling to St Maarten in June and an seeking restauarnt reviews.... best French, best Italian, best seafood, best foord, best scenery, etc? I have read poor reviews in the past about the restaurant at La Samanna - does anyone like the food at La Samanna? Thank you.

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  1. i'm leaving for st. martin on may 8th. will fill you in when i get back!

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    1. re: karenri

      Thank you. From what I have scrounged together from other reviews, The Cottage sounds good. Spiga got good reviews in Frommers, but so did Temptation (which got bad reviews elsewhere). Have a great trip.

      1. re: gjrubino

        spiga is amazing!! i make sure to make a reservation for spiga whenever i go to st.martin. as an added bonus they match 1:1 currency, which is rare on the french side. le cottage is also very good. other grand case restaurants i like are pressoir, tastevin, and l'hibiscus.

        1. re: gjrubino

          Spiga used to be good but not any more. And its' very very hot. Le Pressoir is fabulous. I would not go to La Samanna for dinner - go for drinks and you will see the lovely atmosphere. The food is not very good. Also, try Mario's in Sandy Ground and La Cigale - right on the sand, in Nettle Bay.

          1. re: wincountrygirl

            finally went to mario's on 5/23 and it definitely exceeded my expectations. thought the hype would ruin it for me, but it was a memorable meal. as for spiga, it still ranks as my favorite. we usually sit outside on the porch and don't find it uncomfortable temp-wise.

      2. Here are my recommendations....
        Italian: Spiga (French side) or La Gondola ( Dutch side)
        French:Sol E Luna, Le Cottage, Mario's Bistro, La Vie en Rose (French side)
        Seafood: Skipjack's, Lee's, The Boathouse (Dutch side, not fancy)
        Best Steakhouse: Peg Leg's (Dutch Side)
        Restaurants with universally good reviews: The Hideaway, Greenhouse (2 locations), 3 Palms, Topper's (Dutch side). These are in addition to those already mentioned.

        1. I forgot another good seafood restaurant: Big Fish. It's in Oyster Pond which is on the Dutch side but very near the French side.

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          1. re: ajs42548

            Thank you for the info. Have you eaten at La Samanna or Temptation?

            1. re: gjrubino

              No, I have not eaten at either of those 2 places.

          2. Temptation is definitely worth the trip to the Dutch side - ate there 2 years ago Memorial Day Weekend and going back in 3 days! Cant wait!!