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May 2, 2009 05:42 PM

May 2009 Grocery Outlet


Lucerne Apricot Mango yogurt, Cherry, Raspberry 3 for $1
Mosaic premium California Extra Virgin Olive Oil $7.99 for 750 ml, 25 fl oz.
Helados Mexico 6 strawberry cream bars for $1.79
Sheer Bliss Pomegrante Bites 24 pcs for $5.99
Nulaid Brown Organic medium eggs $1.29
Organic Dolmas from Turkey $1.49 a can
Lakeside Foods 12 oz can Yellow Corn .59c
Superior Nut Hot N Spicy $2.49
2 tubes of whole garlic (10 garlic bulbs) 2 for $1
1lb fresh strawberries from Mexico 2 for $3
Fuji apples 5lbs for $4.99
Amy's Tortilla Casserole Bowl $2.49

Grocery Outlet
36601 Newark Blvd # 25, Newark, CA

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  1. Newark

    I missed those organic eggs. I did see brown eggs, but didn't think they were organic. oh well...

    Ricotta cheese 1.99
    frozen veg soup 5.99
    Frozen souffle mix 3.99
    Wholesome oatmeal cookies 1.49
    Wholesome choc chip cookies 1.49
    Blue cheese burger 3.99
    70 % bittersweet .99

    In home/garden
    Springy solar coil 9.99

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    1. re: chowmeaow

      Chowmeaow: sorry, you're right. Not organic, just Medium brown eggs.

      1. re: chowmeaow

        I see you found your dark chocolate!

        1. re: Ruth Lafler

          Yes :)) I got the Lindt as well as the Scharfenberger (sp?) bittersweet.
          Always hoard up on chocolates.

          oh BTW I also got pineapple, Papaya, mangoes and bananas. I made a nice fruit salad out of it for potluck, with some lime juice and Indian chaat masala.

      2. Rohnert Park

        3 for $ - lots of Lucerne yogurt flavors
        50 cents Zola organic acai and pineapple superfruit juice
        50 cents Rachaels yogurts - at least a half dozen flavors
        50 cents Artisan Biscuits Miller's Damsels oat or charcoal hand-baked biscuts from England
        $1.29 On the go lowfat cottage cheese - 4 cups
        $1.79 Palapa Azul ice cream pints (sweet corn or Mexican caramel)
        $1.79 Haagen Daz chocolate covered pomegranate bars
        $1.79 - Pringles selects (Szechuan BBQ or sundried tomato)
        $1.99 - Anchor New Zealand butter 8 oz
        $2.29 Challenge or Cabot butter 1 lb
        $2.49 M & M Premiums
        $2.49 Celento VEGAN eggplant parmesan
        $2.49 Cedarland spinach and Monterey jack tamales and other Mexican dishes
        $2.99 Batth mixed raisins
        $3.79 La Tourangelle artisan Provence-style evoo 16,9 oz
        $5.99 Boho Vinyards 2006 Central Coast boxed Chardonnay 3 liters
        $5.99 Hardy Boxed Cabernet Sauvignon 4 750 ml bottles
        Blue Horizon organic Thai eggrolls or Chinese shrimp eggroll price unknown
        $10 - Frozen turkeys any size

        Lots of imported beer and microbrews - Elk rock, Hook and Ladder, Carmel wheat beer, Tetley English ale. Elephant, Buffalo Bill blueberry oatmeal stout

        Lots of Pilgrims Choice cheeses at $4.99 - $5.99 lb - Sage derby (love that green cheese), mayflower, cheddar, blue stilton.

        That Zola juice is just swell. I don't like acai drinks for the most part but the pineapple goes well with this. Even tho there is sugar in it (organic cane) I'd buy this again

        The Artisan crackers were not as successful as the great cookies they make. I would not buy these again. The oat taste healthy. The charoal are just weird. Isn't charcoal bad for you? There's actual charcoal in these black crackers and it tastes it ... not in a good way. I'm wondering if paired with cheese they would be any good. It would make a stunning looking cheese and cracker platter. Don't know if the cheese would offset or work with the charcoal taste.

        Lots of frozen and refrigerated stuff that I would have bought if I was going home soon. That cottage cheese was quite the deal. I even checked San Pablo afterward to see if they had it. No such luck.

        Also the corn ice cream had good ingrediants like real sugar. I thought the vegan frozen entree was interesting. You don't see that much.

        As mentioned last month, those Batth mixed raisins are excellent. San Pablo sells those also.

        The boxed chardonnay is ok. Not bad. Not really good. Ok.

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        1. re: rworange

          Damn. That's some good stuff I haven't seen at Oakland for a while. I'll say again, those Haagen Dazs pomegranate bars are excellent -- significantly better than the Sheer Bliss version (both the ice cream and the chocolate are better).

          1. re: Ruth Lafler

            Yeah. I was hoping to pick up some of the stuff at San Pablo, especially the Zola juice ... and the cottage cheese. They did have the HD pommegranate bars. Should have bought them finally but I wasn't in the mood.

            The only beer I bought was the Buffallo Bill blueberry oat stout which was good. Nice hint of blueberry in it. Oats ... blueberry ... isn't that a health drink?

            San Pablo did have

            25 cents fresh cilantro
            25 cents Bombilla Gourd unsweetened organic bottled tea (green jasmine or oolong)
            50 cents Jones Organics Tropical red tea
            50 cents fresh cucumber
            50 cents boxes of Lipton's cup of soup (chicken noodle or tomato)
            79 cents organic penguin puffs cereal
            99 cents various boxes of Pepperidge Farms crackers
            99 cents RW Kneudson organic apple juice 3 individual boxes
            $1.49 Imagine organic chicken broth (was 99 cents last year)
            $1.49 Truley Natural chocolate chip tea cake 1 lb
            $2.49 Organic sugar 2 lbs

            Those teas are really a good bargain. They are true to the variety, jasmine and oolong. Also, they add vitamin C. McDonalds charges almost $2 for a lousy tasting tea.

            The Jones organics was tasty. It has organic cane sugar so I wouldn't buy it again because I'm trying to cut down on sugar. Still only 120 calories for a bottle. That's a pretty nice glass bottle as well. I think it would be nice for making summer vinegars. Still not as good as the Zola ... which is only 100 calories.

            Both the cucumber and cilantro was in very excellent condition. The garlic mentioned in the OP, I bought a few months back. It went bad quickly. I wouldn't buy it again.

            If I wasn't cutting back on sweets, I would have given that tea cake a try. It is in the bread section and the ingrediants were excellent ... real sugar, no list of chemicals. Don't know if it tastes good tho ... still ... $1.49 would be worth the risk.

            Something that made me virtually roll my eyes ... both GO's were selling Dole iceburg lettuce for $1.29 each. At the Thursday Berkeley farmers market I bought a head of Riverdog organic iceburg lettuce for $1.25.For that same price I bought some love organic French Bateau lettuce.

            1. re: rworange

              Pleasant Hill had the cottage cheese and the Haagen Daz pomegranate bars, which are very, very good as Ruth said. They also had pints of Haagen Daz vanilla swiss almond for only 99 cents, quite the steal.

              Lots of cheese too. Picked up a sheep cheese feta from Romania (?!?) Did not know of Romania as a cheese making country but was with my mom who was born there, so felt like I had to pick some up. Have not tried it yet though

            2. re: Ruth Lafler

              The Oakland GO had the Haagen Dazs bars Friday! I stocked up! Other things I've bought there recently included a variety pack of 12 Thai Kitchen instant rice noodles soups ($4.99/12) and some Simply Asia noodle bowls (with shelf-stable, not dehydrated noodles), $1.49. The Simply Asia noodle bowls are okay if you leave out the dehydrated "veggie" package and add your own. I keep them in the office and use them in conjunction with some broccoli and meat from the salad bar downstairs.

              If you're a big ketchup user, Oakland had Heinz organic (no HFCS) ketchup, in twin-packs of large-ish bottles (1.25 liters? -- that's what size the "regular" Heinz twin-pack bottles are). Didn't see the price -- I would have asked, but that's about a ten-year supply of ketchup for me. The organic was in the organics/health food area, above the freezer cases; there was also a variety of sizes and brands of ketchup in the condiment aisle.

              1. re: Ruth Lafler

                The San Pablo GO had rum raisin Haagen Daz today for $1.49. My favorite HD flavor.

                I haven't seen it lately, but I did pick up a while back a $1.49 Truley Natural chocolate chip tea cake and it was very nice. Good chocolate flavor and good ingredients. I recommend it if it shows up

                There are currently a lot of Glutino gluten-free cookies and crackers. The vanilla and chocolate cremes ae 50 cents. The crackers and other cookies are 99 cents.

                I don't need to eat gluten-free and so I'm not sure if the ingredient list is good or bad. As a gluten gobbler it didn't apeal so I didn't even squander the 50 cents for the cookies.

                1. re: rworange

                  Does anyone know if the Santa Rosa, Rohnert Park or Petaluma GO's have the Glutino cookies and crackers?

                  As someone with a wheat allergy, I buy a lot of gluten-free products, and Glutino makes among the best. And the price is excellent considering what they generally retail for.

                  1. re: cmvan

                    They have just started coming in. I saw them at both San Pablo and Oakland. My guess is they are probably at SR since there were lots of them at both stores.

                  2. re: rworange

                    Evaporated cane juice, palm oil, potato flour, soy oil, soy lecithin, citric acid, salt, lemon flavor, sodium bicarbonate, ammonium bicarbonate. No idea what the last thing is. My SO likes them, I don't really do cookies.

                  3. re: Ruth Lafler

                    Oh, Ruth... ya shudda bought the Heinz!! The organic one w/ real sugar (!) is like heinz used to taste 30 years ago. Even if it's a huge bottle (no such thing for me...) doesn't ketchup keep like, forever? ;) Make some barbecue sauce with it, or slather it on meatloaf (or tofu, or turkeyloaf...), put some on your next burger.... it's good stuff. Safeway and Lucky used to stock it, but now I have to schlep to Costco to find it & you have to buy a twin pack of 44 oz. each! My SIL can't find it in the San Fernando Valley, so now we buy it for her, too. Buy the ketchup!! adam

                    1. re: adamshoe

                      Yeah, but this was the 44 oz twin pack! As I said, a ten year supply for me. I should have at least checked the price, though.

                      1. re: Ruth Lafler

                        $6.99 for the twin-pack of 44 oz bottles of Organic Heinz.
                        $1.49 half gallon organic Lactose-free non-fat milk. No fat, no lactose!

                        The canned fish section was really bursting with choices, a couple of different kinds of salmon, mackeral, smoked oysters, at least four different kinds of sardines, two kinds of anchovies, kippers, etc. Most of the small canned stuff (oysters, sardines, etc.) were 99 cents.

                        99 cents, six packs of Shasta soda, various flavors, including cola.
                        $1.99 six-packs of classic Coke

                    2. re: Ruth Lafler

                      BTW, I bought six (six!) boxes of the Haagen Dazs bars (three to a box) because I know my handyguy likes them. The next day -- less then 24 hours later -- I noticed two whole boxes were gone from the freezer in the laundry room. Michael, I said, did you eat all those ice cream bars since yesterday? Reply: No, I ate them all since an hour ago when I found them.

                      1. re: Ruth Lafler

                        I'm not too surprised, I had to stop myself from going back and buying more because I could literally eat a box in a sitting, they might be the best store bought ice cream treat ever!

                        1. re: elliora

                          After reading about them here, I saw them in Newark GO and bought one box to try. I tried the bar today, its so good! I love it. Dark chocolate and the pomegranate ice cream is perfect. Not too sweet and so creamy. And they have all natural ingredients, don't they?
                          This just might be my favorite frozen treat.

                2. West Berkeley:

                  Heinz dill pickle spears huge 99-ounce can for $1.99! Good quality - such a deal!

                  1. On the way back to Santa Rosa from the City yesterday, I dropped by the GO inm Novato - a newer store I've not seen mentioned here as yet.

                    Nice and big, well-organized, but I didn't see anything particularly special. I know all stores pick their stock from the same warehouse, but, as we know, Santa Rosa, for example, might have stuff Rohnert Park or San Pablo don't, and vice versa. This store seemed to have all the basics, though, and in good supply.

                    They're in the shopping center on So. Novato Blvd that's just south of the Safeway/Big Lots center.

                    1. Needed some beer to go with some Mexican food. Now anyone who is familiar with this beer will probably get a chuckle because this was SO not the thing to drink with that. It was quite the surprise for me ... think of a shandy ... a lemon drop German shandy.

                      GO various stores is selling a German beer called Warsteiner Radler

                      Beer Advocate nails it ...

                      "Pours a crystal-clear pale yellow color, with a good lacing all around. Lemon juice sweetness (or lemon-drop candy) and lemon oil in the aroma with a spicy backside. Very refreshing with a decent crispness and light body. Lemon oil and candy flavor sticks to the palate for the first half, then a mild Pilsner character meshes with the lemon and brings forth grain and a kiss of hop bitterness middle-to-end. Finishes very dry."