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May 2, 2009 05:16 PM

Little City Pizza Simsbury, CT

This place is amazing. I was doing some work right in the shopping Center where its located and i kept on seeing people coming in and out of this place. People were carrying 3 or even 4 large pizza boxes out of it. So by the end of the day i got a large bacon pizza to go. Ive had pepes and sallys in new haven and let me tell you this pizza was right up there with them. It even had a similar look and taste. Has anyone else been there?

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  1. One of my favorites! Their Little City Pizza is great as far as white pies go.

    1. We love it too. My husband brought home some kind of spicy shrimp (red) pizza the other night and it was amazing!


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        We went there last year and thought it was great. We don't live in the Farmington Valley but have family that does. Too bad we can't get my in-laws to skip cooking when we visit, because we would like to get pizza from there again, but my SIL likes to cook healthy foods for us when we visit and to her pizza is not healthy. Jay

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          That sucks i would still go out and get the pizza afterwards. I wish they would expand i live in middletown and have only been able to go 2 times in a year now. All they have to do is replace all the crappy First and Last locations with Little City ones and the world would be a better place