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May 2, 2009 04:50 PM

chow along I-95 between Cranbury, NJ and Baltimore

I am open to anything fun and interesting. any suggestions?

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    1. re: shabbystorm

      I will second Mastori's with certain stipulations. Stick to traditional Jersey diner food and do not be lured in by anything featuring too many toppings or anything remotely exotic. (i.e. not identifiably Greek, Italian or traditional American. For example, I've found anything involving salsa to be kinda questionable.) Standard breakfast foods are acceptable, and diner-style sautes are great. Their Green Goddess salad is awesome.

      1. re: Heatherb

        Agree at Mastoris stick to basics cheesebread - cheeseburgers - cheesecake!

        Some reading material for NJ

        There are lots of options while traveling but it depends how much time you want to take going for food vs getting to your destination. All of these options keep you fairly close to the turnpike for easy off on access.

        Random Side Note: Usually takes me double the time to get to my destination cause I always veer off the beaten path...

      1. re: vtt7

        cracker barrel you've got to be kidding. i had the single worst restaurant meal a few years ago at a cracker barrel in pa and have never gone back. there have got to be more interesting places to eat along the Turnpike :)

        1. re: biga290

          sorry for you. however, i had very good breakfasts at cracker barrel. some of the family have gone for lunch and have been pleased. i drive 95 to maryland quite often and to be honest, i haven't found many good places to eat that are close to the turnpike.

          1. re: biga290

            How about Iron Skillet? Much better than Cracker Barrel. There's one in NJ, either at exit 7 or at exit 1, I forget which, and another in Elkton, MD, exit 109.

            1. re: cantkick

              They’re in a huge truck stop just off of Rt. 206 South very close to Exit 7 on the Turnpike. See .

              1. re: TomDel

                Hmmm, mental note to self...don't ever make this trip.

          2. re: vtt7

            I find Cracker Barrel to be very heavy food, and heavily salted also. The crowds at breakfast can be overwhelming. Plus, my partner got food poisining after a dinner there once. We will never go back.

            Iron Skillet is Great! I highly recommend! We love the breakfast and cheap!

          3. The Iron Skillet off Exit 7 & 206....they have 3 different style menue choices for BreakFast , Lunch & Dinner too.....solid choice for good food on the road.


            1. If your driving off the hwy to Mastoris, why not try Under the Moon in Bordentown. Great for dinner! And only a few minutes off exit 7.

              316 Farnsworth Ave
              Bordentown, NJ 08505
              (609) 291-8301

              1. Just before the Delaware Memorial Bridge in NJ at the end of either the Turnpike or I-295, Follow Rt. 49 into Pennsville about a mile, turn right on Main Street at the flashing yellow light and head toward the river to the Riverview Inn for luch or dinner. They have a deck which should be open later this month. Don't be tempted by the Cracker Barrell or Applebys!!!

                About 10 miles into Maryland, off I-95 about 2 miles is Northeast, MD...kinda touristy...but there's a good seafood place right on the main drag called Woodies and a few other places within a few blocks.

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                1. re: BigSteve

                  i have to second bigsteve with the riverview inn! i ate there once several years ago for the all you can eat seafood and it was outstanding. we might make a special trip (2+ hours drive) this summer to eat there.