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May 2, 2009 03:04 PM

DC Honeymoon meals

Since my husband-to-be is starting Law School at UBalt the Monday after our wedding, we decided just to stay at the Mandarin Oriental in DC for a local "mini-moon." It's going to be in August, so very hot and sticky. Does anyone have any ideas for dream restaurants? Money is not an object, and I don't want to make reservations somewhere to only have to wait for a half hour, or sit shoulder to shoulder once I'm there. Luxury and service are tops!

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  1. While I was not as enamoured with CityZen as some (it is in the Mandarin Oriental), it is a worthy place to go for a fine meal. I still think Palena and Komi and arguably Obelisk are better.

    But, if you're staying at the Mandarin Oriental. Splurge on a serious massage. they do it right there.

    1. I am sure the Mandarin will be great and there are many fine choices in DC, but depending on when you must get back, you might consider driving to the Inn at Little Washington to stay and eat there. Weekend traffic should be light and it will be cooler than DC in August.

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        +1 for the Inn - I've been there twice, and staying the night is definately the better choice. Plus, Breakfast there is to die for! It's beautiful country out there...

        Luxury and Service are "Tops" - Try to reserve the Chef's table, or if you want to be romantic, tell them and they'll tuck you into a nice corner.


      2. would spend one nite at Michel Richard Citronelle and the other nite at Cieba,
        The Prime Rib or if you can get a reservation, Minibar @Cafe Atlantico

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          If Roberto Donna has his Laboratorio open by August - go.

          Palena and Corduroy aren't really in the "luxury" category, but are two I'd recommend whole heartedly for future escapes to DC.

          Since there's a Prime Rib in Baltimore, I'd save that for a special dinner after first semester exams. You'll both need it.

          Congratulations to both of you.

          1. re: crackers

            I concur with Corduroy. Tell them you are on honeymoon and they can seat you in a cozy booth and will "do it up right" for you.

        2. I don't know many luxury restaurants but should you be looking for a great bar that isn't packed with summer interns, I'd recommend PS7 in china town.

          The drinks are great, as is service. I haven't eaten a meal there, but have heard very good things. The food I have had at the bar has been very good with excellent presentation.

          If you're looking for something wonderful yet casual, I'd recommend the front cafe at Palena during the week. The desserts there are top notch and it's in a lovely neighborhood for wandering around hand in hand.

          1. citronelle. top-notch service and most definitely luxurious. komi and minibar are hot right now but i've never been to either — definitely worth investigating for you, though.