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May 2, 2009 02:28 PM

Lunch near Vatican?

I am looking for a spot to grab some lunch after a morning tour of the Vatican and St. Peters. After searching a bit, the following list looks interesting:

Ristorante Romolo Alla Mole Adriana

Mondo Arancina

Il Matriciano

Ristorante Osteria dell'Angelo

Which one should I choose? Others I should consider?


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  1. I have been to Il Matriciano twice ... both times for dinner and it was good, but a bit more pricey than I like to spend for lunch. It has gotten mixed reviews on this board, but I had two great dinners there recently. It was popular and busy in the late evening, and we enjoyed a great dinner, with wine, but it took a while, and was a tad pricey. I would go there if you are not rushing off to another plan for the afternoon. I love Rome, and each travel day is precious to me, so I like to have lunch without wine, eat lightly and get on with my itinerary for the day -- probably better to slow down and enjoy the sights, but I find myself trying to cram in as many things during the day and relax in the evening, thus preferring a great meal with wine in the evening. I have not been to Osteria dell-Angelo, but it is on my list for next visit -- two very good friends swear by it and they say it is a good, solid Roman food place with all the "typical specialties" but not too expensive. I don't know if it is open in the evening, as my friends have only been there for lunch -- either before or after Vatican visits and rave about it repeatedly. For what it's worth, that is some input on your list at least. The others, I had not heard of. Ciao, Peggy