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May 2, 2009 01:49 PM

Flat Rock Bakery - Sundays?

I read in Bold Life that Flat Rock Bakery may be open on Sundays over the summer. Has anyone confirmed that? Also, it said they have expanded their indoor seating to accommodate up to 30. Was wondering how they expanded? It sounded like the Wrinkled Egg was still there.

Inquiring minds want to know... :)

I suppose I could just GO there, but I'm not over that way too often.

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  1. I don't know about the Sunday opening but they expanded their seating back into the
    Wrinkled Egg area. They also added a new entry door just to the right of where the
    carry-out window used to be located.

    1. it's a really COZY 30 people that it might seat, to use their term. A friend of mine poured the cement countertops in the new seating area. It's nice. Yeah, WE still there, just a little smaller now.

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        We will be at Hubba Hubba's on Saturday--what kind of things do they have at the bakery and the Wrinkled Egg? Thanx for prompt reply

        1. re: KyMikey

          I think Danna is the Flat Rock Bakery expert, but I'll chime in.... FRB has pretty much great everything - wood fired pizzas, sandwiches, breads, scones, cookies, etc. If it's nice out, you can eat on the deck or there is seating inside (apparently more now!). Or just get stuff to go. Wrinkled Egg is your typical upscale gift shop and, am assuming, is unrelated to FRB other than a doorway between the two places. WE has nice stuff, but I'm just more into food! :)

          1. re: KyMikey

            Ah, yes...I'm happy to drone on about FRVB. IMO, the "goat" pizza is the best one, goat cheese, sundried tomato, artichoke, pesto. You can get a "respectable" pizza husband gets the "classic" w/ mushrooms. Since the outdoor dining area is shared, a piggy couple could divide and order a rack at Hubba hubba, the other a pizza, and meet in the middle.

            As for the bakery items, the scones are indeed spectacular, and like no other scones. (in other places I ignore scones like the dried-out lumps of blandness they are) The bananna nut muffins are ridiculous mufins. The viennoiserie is also very, very good. The stickies are crazy good. The only desert things that don't thrill me are the cookies and brownies. They're fine...but they aren't head and shoulders above anything else around like the other stuff is.

            Bread: Ciabatta great, Cranberry Pecan boule great, sourdough (in the style of Poilane) great. The fougasse, should you be lucky enough to see one, will be incredible, although obviously laden w/ olive oil.

            I haven't shopped the wrinkled egg since the bakery expanded so i don't know what things might have disappeared, but previously, the best thing at WE was the selection of gross-out toys for kids. Like a squishy frog that's eyeballs protrude when you grab him...stuff like that.