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perogies in Edmonton

Does anyone have a secret perogy dealer in Edmonton that has homemade perogies like baba used to make? I've tried the ones at the Mundare sausage house and while much better than cheemo's, they dont hold a candle to what granny used to make. The best ones I have found so far are from the ladies at St. Andrews church on 75 st. I was driving by one day and saw a sign about perogy dinner tonight.....stopped by, and got some to go. Pretty good, but you cant exactly get them anytime you want.

I would appriciate any suggestions.

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  1. Old Timer’s Cabin
    9430 99 Street NW

    They sell a few options, and cabbage rolls too.

    1. We used to buy excellent frozen pierogies at the Good Earth Produce Company store on Jasper. Unfortunately the store has closed and I don't remember the brand name other than the bag had a yellow label and it was made by some church auxiliary or charity group. I hope that some chowhound knows of them and can remember the name.

      As for fresh pierogies , Taste of Ukraine on Jasper and Culina Highlands ( ex Bacon) have good reputations for their pierogies. I have also heard of Wendy's and Troika pierogis but have not tried them

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        I have tried Wendys Perogies and they are tasty but a little expensive. They have many many flavours and you get 12 per pkg for about 8$ or so. The size of the individual perodies is quite big but if you are feeding more than two or three people it can get quite pricey.

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          After a bit of research I found that the pierogies we used to buy at the Good Earth Produce Company store on Jasper Ave are from St Basil’s Ukrainian Catholic Church in Edmonton . They are very good: Delicate dough and smaller size. The place (Hall) where you buy them at St. B. is closed Mondays and on weekends. There might be also some other Ukrainian churches in the West end that sell them.

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            Pretty sure the pyrohy available at Good Earth were from St Michael's (see pengcast's post below)..

        2. I buy mine from a stall at the Strathcona market. I'm not a perogy expert, but I like them.

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              there is a european deli in Callingwood, that I cannot remember the name of. It is around back from the fountain tire in the same complex as the McDs and Second cup. They are really good, and have a million different kinds.

              the ones at the strathcona market look really good too, but have not tried them, they are really pricey (almost $1/perogy).

            2. I am not a perogy expert either, but if you have ever tried and liked Shumka's perogies you can buy them frozen from their food court outlet in Kingsway Garden Mall or at their restaurant in the north end.

              1. O.K. So has anyone tried the frozen perogies at Giant Tiger...They are made at an Ukrainian Village outside Edmonton (Acording to package) I think...they are not too bad. The price is insane..something like $1.87 for close to 3 dozen??

                1. I have never found perogies (or varenyky - I'm a purist) as good as my baba's. So, every 3 months, I set aside a Saturday and make a big batch, then freeze them. That way, I have the perfect varenyky when I want them. Martha Stewart has pretty decent recipes for dough and even fillings.

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                    The joy of homemade. So much work but such tasty results..and you can break from the traditional and fill them with whatever you'd liked!

                  2. Those of us who have spent countless hours rolling dough and pinching little discs into pockets with our Bubba's know that the best perogies available commercially are from St. Micheal's Extendicare. They sell them at IGA and a few other places around town under the brand name Bubba's Own.

                    Here is the link to all the locations they are sold:

                    How good are they? Well, they are the perogies on the menu at Culina.

                    I just had some this week and my son ate twice as many as he would of Chimo or the one from the Mundare sausage shop.

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                      I've heard great things about the perogies served at Culina (and when it was Bacon), so I'd be interested in trying those out.

                    2. The south side italian market has some pretty good perogies. They are in a mini freezer in the middle of the store.

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                        I've seen frozen perogies at Buffalo Valley, haven't tried them though.

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                          As for the Italian Center, the perogies come from Ontario... Make sure to stay away from the ones with potato as they are made with dehydrated potato flakes. The mushroom and saurkraut ones will do in a pinch.

                          As for the ones from Buffalo Valley, I found the the dough too thick and tough and wouldn't buy them again.

                      2. just had perogies at the millwoods farmers market really good...thursdays in the evening...we ate them right there at the market... They also sell them to take home...

                        1. Bohdan's Ukrainian Food. St. Albert Market, and capilano mall market.

                          1. Brandy's Sweet and Savory Kitchen is excellent! 780-668-3155 or vampiron@telus.net
                            Hand made perogies, sour cabbage rolls, nalyshnyky, Russian pelmeni, antipasto, etc. !!
                            I attended a venue she catered - it was outstanding, so I keep buying from her directly.