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May 2, 2009 12:04 PM

Sushi District - Queen E

While driving along Queen, near Broadview area today, I noticed a new spot opening soon called Sushi District. The signage is up but the windows are all papered so hard to tell what's happening but it looks interesting and certainly caught my eye. Anybody have the scoop?

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  1. The sign has been up for a couple of months now. There was construction awhile back but I haven't seen anything lately. I would love to know as well.

    1. I managed to get a peak inside about a month or more ago when the door was open - looked pretty much ready to go back then, not sure what the delay is.

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      1. re: jayzie1

        Good news, they now have an application for a liquor license and have a building permit. Given that they looked almost ready to go back in April, hopefully it won't be long before they open. I love Sushi Marche but could do with a cheap and cheerful sushi joint in the 'hood.

      2. Been waiting for this place to open just to taste their food just so I could validate or justify the extinction of one of my all-time favorite Fish & Chips places in Toronto. I still cry when I pass by this place and no longer see it as WOODGREEN FISH & CHIPS. They were around for over 30 plus years. :(

        One fish establishment replaced by another fish establishment. Sounds kind of fishy!!! LOL

        1. Passed by today and people were still working on the place inside. Looked like lots of work still needed to be done. However, on the window they had a sign and it said the grand opening would be for JULY 9th.

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          1. re: YummyYummy

            I whipped by on the streetcar last week, and it appeared that in the final signage, "Sushi" had been dropped from the name. It now seems to be called "District Japanese Bistro". Although as I said, I was on a speedy streetcar, so perhaps someone in a slower form of transportation can confirm if I'm right.

            1. re: gregclow

              I wonder if this is because "Sushi Bar" at Queen & Broadview, which I didn't even see *coming*, beat them to the punch. It is in the old Soma space and has been open for at least a week or so. It looks like exactly the kind of place I imagined Sushi District to be - sort of a New Generation on Queen East. Price point and quality are similar as well.

              1. re: drjolt

                Yeah, I saw that as well, and got totally confused. Thought they were one and the same.

                1. re: millygirl

                  I wasn't particularly impressed with their sushi, but paid about half what we would at Marche for the same amount. They also keep late hours (we went after a Sunday concert around 11pm and were surprised to find them still open) and made a custom roll by request. So it fills a niche, I suppose.

                  1. re: drjolt

                    would you consider Marche worth the extra cost?

                    1. re: szw

                      Well sure, if that's what you're looking for. Sushi Marche is like the Loic of sushi take-out, Sushi Bar is not trying to be that. It's more for the late night, cheap eats, fast food set IMO. So if it's 11pm on a Sunday evening, and I'm dying for sushi, Marche won't be able to meet my needs no matter what - but perhaps Sushi Bar will be there for a quick fix!

                      1. re: drjolt

                        Yeah, I was pretty unimpressed with Sushi Bar, but will concede that it's cheap. Takeout from there ran about $35 for two, whereas at Sushi Marché we usually get a $50 omakase. Factor in tip and that's a $20 difference.

                        But the difference in quality between Sushi Bar (easily the most un-Google-able restaurant name in the city) and Marché is a quantum leap. Sushi Bar seems to be ok at putting together a bunch of cheap, barely-hanging-together maki, but the shari was pretty devoid of flavour and the spicy salmon roll looked like Fancy Feast. The nigiri was worse, including an octopus sushi that I actually let fall out of my mouth like Tom Hanks trying caviar in the movie Big. It tasted so off I was sure I was going to end up on an all-night crash diet. Luckily I didn't get sick, maybe the wad of ginger I ate saved me.

                        So, I think Sushi Bar will be a late night spot, maybe if I've had a few drinks, and I'll stick to the dynamite rolls and sushi pizza and stuff like that. For beautiful sushi, sahimi, special fish from Japan, and just an overall feeling of treating myself well, Marché is still the best in the 'hood. Looking forward to checking out District next, though.

          2. July 9th, opening today. Hopefully, they've got a good and affordable take-out menu because that's where I'm headed after work. ;)

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              1. re: andy66

                The final verdict is I'm waiting for my friends to treat me to this establishment, especially since I've been used to getting take-away fish & chips from the old joint for years. I'm very nostalgic about the place and have years of loyalty to WOODGREEN. I'll still eat there if somebody else pays. LOL

                I asked for a take-out menu and they only had an "opening day menu" laser printed on very expensive paper. From my assessment, the establishment definitely looked more like a dine-in only restaurant rather than a place where you can get take-out food. Obviously, I'm sure the place would do take-out food orders if required. The prices were reasonable for dining there, but if I'm only interested in take-out there are lots of other cheapers places that I know that are good and reputatable.

                The ambiance was very interesting, but the colours and decor are simply way too dark for my liking. It's a feng shui thing. ;) With that said, I've noticed it's been relatively busy since opening day. However, all the other restaurants on the Queen Street East strip appear to have good business until about 11pm each night anyway. :)

                1. re: YummyYummy

                  Anyone try District Japanese Bistro yet?

                  1. re: childofthestorm

                    I tried District, it was fantastic!!!

                    1. re: pink

                      Going to need a bit more to go on than that...come on, it's your first post, give us details, descriptions, etc.

                      1. re: childofthestorm

                        I had the chance to try District Sushi on Saturday night - hubby and I had a little date night, and this was a great spot to go! I agree with the previous post about the walls being too dark - not sure why that annoyed me, but it did...and it was way dark for me (lighting wise), I am too vain to wear my reading glasses and had a heck of a time with the menu..thank god I married a younger man with better eyesight..onto the food: apps: tempura and "manguro salad" - tempura was nicely done - squash, yam, shrimp, zuchinni - very light, delicious..salad was essentially greens topped with seared tuna..very tasty sesame based vinagrette. I'd eat the salad again, husband thought "if you are going to a sushi place, you eat sushi, not salad" so he was not as impressed. We also got an order of edamame. Pints of sapporo were a great deal at 4.00 (perhaps a special that night?) We were not starving as had been snacking all day, so added a specialty roll to our order - "black dragon" - which is topped with eel. This was quite possibly one of our favourite rolls ever..barbeque sauce was not too sweet as it often can be..just right and a beautiful presentation. At the last minute, we added one more specialty roll and another pint to split . Tried the "blue ocean" this time, which was a tad too salty for me, but we devoured it nonetheless. The place was hopping, a little understaffed maybe with one waitress (very nice and friendly) plus the owner/manager doing wait duty. Total bill was about 62.00 before tip. I would put the sushi on par with sushi marche but the atmosphere was kinda romantic (despite the overly dark walls) - would be a great date spot!

              2. re: YummyYummy

                We got take-out from District Bistro shortly after they opened and didn't fall in love - quality was good but price seemed too high, especially with Marche down the street. We recently returned using one of the coupons that were discussed here to give it another shot, this time in-person. I'm definitely glad we did, as we had a lovely dinner. We had tuna tartare and torched mackerel appetizers, and three rolls following. Sapporo pints were 6.50 each. The quality of the food was really quite good - much, MUCH better than Sushi Bar at Queen & Broadview. The menu had some interesting items, so a nice change of pace from the standard menu at Marche. And surprisingly, the atmosphere was really cool. I would have appreciated a bit more space between the tables, but we really liked the decor and the silent movie playing on the back wall, etc. We'll definitely be back.