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May 2, 2009 12:00 PM

If I like Blue Hill, Red Cat, Little Owl, what other restaurants would you suggest?

Looking for suggestion for not-a-big-deal birthday dinner, where I might be able to get reservations for next Friday. TIA.

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  1. Market Table and Prune.

    1. Perilla or 10 Downing. Market Table is under the same ownership as Little Owl but IMO is not as good and overpriced.

      1. Seconding Perilla as always, but also Cookshop.

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        1. re: planetjess

          Can you dine at the bar at Perilla?

        2. If you like Blue Hill, you will like Gramercy Tavern. Chef Anthony was the chef at Blue Hill in the past.

          Perilla is great too.

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          1. re: kobetobiko

            FYI, I love Blue Hill and think Gramercy Tavern is not interesting or good, hasn't been for a long time.

            Responding to the original posting, I would suggest Hearth and Tailor.

            Another suggestion, Cookshop, is in the game but I don't find it all /that/ great, and busy crowdedness can be a problem.

            1. re: acidity

              agree on Grammercy tavern. Was there recently, it was fine, but def not memorable.

          2. I went to Perilla for my last birthday (it was almost a year ago, though...).