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?? lobster specials

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I've been spoiled by the lobster specials at El Paso on Houston and Sullivan and (haven't tried it yet) Cafe Espanol on Carmine ... is there anything like it ... Spanish / Portuguese places between Chelsea and Washington Heights ( east or west side) that compares ??

Looking for something similar uptown



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    1. re: DarthEater

      I know that place ... not quite the same ... the one's I mentioned are under $25 El Paso is $20 for 1.25 to 1.5 pounders ... and I'm really looking for someplace further uptown ( upper east or upper west side ) ... but I do like that place better than the restaurant in Chelsea hotel ...

    2. http://mercurybarnyc.com/eastside/nme...

      1 1/4 LB Steamed Lobster Special

      With Baked Potato and Sweet Corn.
      Served with Drawn Butter on the Side.$15.95 Per Person No to go Orders Please Offered Available Every Tuesday and Wednesday
      from 11:00 am to 11:00 pm

      1. The places in Chinatown with live lobsters in tanks offer very good deals- $15-20.

        1. looks like there is a seasonal run on lobster prices .... anybody have any updates on this for me ????

          1. I think the Palm runs a lobster special during the summer. It is probably on their website. It might be about $80 or so, but that is with salads for two, about a 3-4 lb lobster, and two sides, I believe. It isn't cheap but, for what you get, it isn't bad. My experience is that the one+ lb lobsters simply don't fill you up and, when you are done ordering everything else, the tab also adds up. And, while Centro Vasco has some good deals on lobsters, those seem less apparent nowadays. Their prices are also high, considering the generally depressed price of lobsters.

            1. went to Cafe Espanol on Bleeker ... 2 lb. for $25 ... El Paso only had 1.25 lb for $20 ... the critter was meaty but just didn't have that sweet taste that I usually enjoy.

              1. any new developments on this front this week ???