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May 2, 2009 09:43 AM

The Ninth Avenue Food Festival

As some of you New Yorkers know, the Ninth Avenue Food Festival is coming up. It will be on May 16th-May 17th. It runs regularly between 39th-57th Street. What are your favorite things to order there?

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  1. Ok. I guess i'll start...I like the pad thai, the chicken satay, and many other things.

    1. I think this year it might shorter. On the Port Authority end, the International ?, the fishmongers/store put out an impressive spread of seafood. There is roast pork from Uncle Nick's as well as Walton's ? KeyLime pie off the van; pies from Little Pie Company on 43rd. Bread twirls from Amy's Bread... and yummy stuff from Bali Nussdah. London's small mini burgers.

      1. Anything from Poseidon Bakery ... the empanadas ... Steve's key lime pie ... Millie's pierogies (this is the only street fair they come to, from MA). Steer clear of any/all the standard street fair trucks and stick with the local offerings.

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          2nd Poseidon--it was my favorite find from the festival a couple of years ago.

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            Poseidon Bakery - the cherry cheese strudel is unbelievable, and the apple strudel isn't so bad either.

          2. Oh ok....Are any of you guys going this weekend?

            1. I just checked the online site for the Ninth Ave food fest, and it's down and has been since last week.

              Is the festival still on or has it been canceled due to the economy?

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              1. re: geoc

                i just contacted one of the local merchants i know and he told me that the festival is still on for this weekend-rain or shine.

                the list of things i like- is so long but ill name a few

                anything from seabreeze fish
                pies from the little pie company
                those key lime pies from the truck'
                anything from poseidon bakery-yum
                anything from amy's bread
                anything from uncle nick's
                paella from costa del sol

                the mini burgers from londons.

                anything from kyotofu.

                im on the fence about millie's friends like them;i dont.

                and many more that i cant think of at the moment.

                LNG's advice is sound. stay away from the generic food carts and trucks. when i see tourists eating turkey legs or ears of corn i just shake my head.

                1. re: mrbeachy

                  How late does the festival normally run on Sunday?

                  1. re: villager21

                    Usually they are told to clear out at 6 on Sunday.